Living in a Bubble

The concept of living in an invisible bubble started many years ago while I was a retail executive. I would often supervise several management trainees during their career. One of the challenges they had was how to deal with criticism from senior management. They thought they knew it all. They never expected to be yelled out for a sign that was crooked! (true story). It was definitely a learning experience necessary for their growth and development. So many burst into tears! I have had to calm them down and shift their interpretation of the incident. So I would advise them that in order to protect themselves they needed to zip up an invisible bubble around them. Have it be clear, flexible and allow them to engage with everyone, see everything, and absorb everything. However, it would shield them from the negativity, the rude behavior, the harsh comments that were part of others management style. They needed to learn the lesson and then let it go. These incidents defined whether they could toughen up and rise above how sometimes they were treated. It wasn’t right how they were spoken to. But I had their back. Upon hearing or seeing what happened, I would usually request that the senior executive tone it down and not annihilate the trainees. Use the opportunity to influence, coach and educate them on what needs to get done and how to view the big picture.

I never imagined that the term of living in a bubble would be so relevant today for everyone. I have continued to use my bubble that surrounds me to protect me, nourish me, love and guide me. 

My husband has used the bubble to shield himself from others negativity, rudeness and mindlessness.  Being a very sensitive and loving soul, of which I have always appreciated and loved about him, he has sometimes been unnerved by the way other people behave. His bubble helps him.

In todays environment as we figure out how to adapt and adjust to life and living, you have the NBA in the Disney bubble, protecting them during the pandemic and allowing them to play and for us to enjoy.

I just read how the Tour de France cycling event has the riders and teams in their own bubble as they navigate the course covering over 2000 miles.

And we are all living in our own bubbles due to the stay at home, isolation, quarantining, and social distancing requirements to keep us all safe and healthy.

WOW! A new reality indeed. 

So, how are you adjusting and adapting? 
Are you zipping up your invisible to protect yourself?
And are you helping others to do the same?
We are in this together. 
Be safe.
Be healthy.
Find your joy, happiness and peace.

With Light and Love from my Bubble to yours!



Finding Meaning Everywhere

Yesterday, we had a baby lizard scurry around the house. After several attempts, we successfully ushered him into the backyard. My first thought was to find the meaning and significance of it, because of course, there is one. Here are some insights from Imelda Green’s Trusted Psychic Mediums site.

What does the lizard represent?
1. It is symbolic of being a survivor.
There is some extra strength deep inside of you that has not yet been unleashed.
2. It means you should go with the flow.
Have a sense of freedom to just allow things to be – do not resist.
3. It symbolizes being sensitive to things.
Be alert and know when to adjust your approach.
4. Be fast.
React to things quickly – delaying could prevent your actualizing the opportunities. 
5. Be spontaneous and have variety in life.
Repeating the same thing over and over again is not as much fun as trying new things. And the results will be more rewarding.

How perfectly this aligns with what I have been feeling and how I need to incorporate these traits into dealing with all that is going on in today’s world.

Imelda also recommends us to call on the lizard’s spirit when:
1. We want to get back what we have lost. 
Whatever was lost will be replaced with something better and more beautiful. It may not be the exact same thing, but it will be something that is needed  and something that’s best for us.
2. We feel like we’re doing the same things over and over.
I don’t know about you but I often ask myself what day it is as they all seem very similar.
3. When we feel like we’re going through the same cycles again and again, it’s time to introduce something new into our life.
Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone or out of your routine. Be spontaneous, try something different., unexpected. This will give our life the jumpstart that it needs.

4. We need to do some soul searching.
Take inventory. Take the time to be with you. Listen to your inner feelings, thoughts and ideas. Write down your impressions. Map out your desires. Redo your vision board. (reminder to self as I have not updated mine!) Be present and mindful. Be aware of what is all around us.

So together, let’s call on the lizard’s spirit to get us to the other side of all that is happening today, in our world and our Life. 

With Light and Love and the Spirit of the Lizard,








Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Do you remember this song recorded by Nat King Cole in 1963?
The song reached #6 on the Hot 100 in the US and was the opening track on Cole’s album of the same name. 

The melody and phrase keep coming to my mind over the last few days for summer has finally arrived in SoCal. This week even our beach community is in the high 80’s. Yesterday, we turned on the air for a bit to cool the house down before going to sleep with the windows open. We can usually count on one hand the number of days we need the air for the entire year! We love our ocean breezes.

How is your summer going? I think we can all say that it is different than any other we have ever experienced. And for so many reasons……… all starting with how Covid-19 is impacting every part of everyone’s life. No one is exempt. 

My challenge to everyone including myself is to really look at how our lives, our routines and rhythms have changed. For some quite dramatically. For others, not as much. We may feel a loss and go through a yearning to go back to how it was. However that will not happen and in order to move forward, we need to accept that fact.

It is time to recreate ourselves. Reflect  Renew  Refresh – The 3 R’s for an Inspired Life.  The title of my writings and photography journal is even more relevant today than when I published it.

During these long days of summer, let your heart open and your mind wander free to see and feel and enjoy Life. There is so much beauty around us. Take a walk. Take a hike. Ride a bike. Smell the flowers. Listen to the birds. Go swimming. Do yoga. Lay on the beach and do nothing. (Remembering to wear your sunscreen of course).

Be thankful for who you are and who you are becoming. You are in the driver’s seat. You are in control – even if it looks like you are not. You get to make decisions on how you will continue to live your life. Your way. Yes, we have had to adjust, adapt, be flexible and flowing as our new reality takes form. And at times it is uncomfortable and scary and not something you want to do. However, just breathe through it.

In yoga, we are reminded to breathe into the asanas. Do not resist, allow yourself to find comfort and strength in the posture. And in tai chi, non resistance is key to the practice. When you do not resist or work against the energies around you but work or flow with them, you become aligned, obtaining a soft and invisible power.

By not resisting the changes and the disruptions and the detours, you can approach your new reality like the nature of water. The strength of water lies in its ability to flow around obstacles and in its suppleness. Its force is soft yet powerful.

So let’s allow these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer to provide us with the nourishment needed to create our Best Life yet!

With Light and Love,



The Domino Effect

I am noticing more and more these days how life resembles the image of toppling dominoes – or the domino effect.
The definition for the domino effect is:

A cumulative effect produced when one event initiates a succession of similar events, or a chain reaction. The term is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes. When the first tile in the row is toppled, it topples the second, which topples the third, etc., resulting in all of the tiles falling. The domino effect term implies that it is inevitable or highly likely that all dominoes will fall, as well as it is impossible or highly unlikely that one domino would be left standing.

One action, one event, one decision sets in motion a continuation of things that may or may not have the outcome you desire. Especially when the first event was not initiated by us. However, it happened and set in motion a series of events that continue to fall out or fall into place. Take a few moments and think of your life experiences and adventures. We can look at a decision regarding our career, our health, our relationships, our finances, our choice of where to live, our hobbies, and then identify all the things that happened after that first decision.

This domino effect is clearly shown with one of the most recent major events – Covid 19. The impact it has had on every aspect of our lives is almost incomprehensible.  Everyday I read or hear about retail store, restaurant, small business closures, the staggering unemployment numbers, supply chain disruptions, financial concerns, the increased need for food banks and shelters, schools converting face to face learning to hosting classes online, sports being played without fans, no indoor theaters or concert venues or with limited socially distanced reservations required, travel and vacation plans on hold – all due to the severity and continued spread of the virus. 

We are having to rethink how, why, when, where, with whom, we do things. We will not go back to what was. There is no switch to flip. This is not a nightmare from which we will wake up and it will disappear. We need to adapt and be flexible in creating a new reality – as we go through this and once all the dominoes fall. We cannot change what has already happened. Yes, we are frustrated, upset, annoyed, tired of it all. However we cannot change it. So let’s focus on how we get to the other side and thrive. 

Getting extraordinary results is all about creating a domino effect in your life that you want. However with toppling dominoes, it is pretty straightforward. You line them up and tip over the first one. In life though, it’s a bit more complicated. The challenge is that life doesn’t line everything up for us and say, “Here’s where you should start.” Highly successful people know this. So every day they line up their priorities anew, find the lead domino, and whack away at it until it falls.

So let’s line up our new priorities and create the best, most positive, most productive, most nourishing and worthwhile domino effect for our new reality, applying it to every area of our life: Our health, wealth, happiness, peace of mind, our work, our purpose, our desires. 

With Love and Light and Gratitude,

Be Hopeful not Fearful

How are you feeling today? With so much chaos, confusion and uncertainty in the world, has it been challenging to remain hopeful? Has fear and lack of clarity and direction caused you to freeze up and become discouraged wanting to hide under the covers, close the blinds and refrain from doing what you enjoy.

Know that you are not alone. I for one am also on this roller coaster of emotions. However deep down inside, I remain hopeful and feel confident that our new reality will be better than what was before. We have the choice to create what is best for us. The lessons that we are learning will strengthen our spirit, our drive, our intentions. I reduce fear by building up my reservoir of hope. 

What Is Hope?
Hope is directly related to our sense of possibility. The greater our perception of possibilities, the greater our hope.
Hope is not the same as happiness or optimism. It is what we feel when we think that life is worth living, that our work is worth doing. Hope is what we have when we have a positive relationship with our existence. It is the deepest of the three emotions. Happiness and optimism cannot exist without hope, but hope can exist without happiness or optimism. For some people, hope may seem too wishful, without intention or commitment. I offer you a different perspective to consider.

Here are some great ways to remain hopeful recapped from various TED talks:

Shift your expectations – Tali Sharot (The Optimism Bias) Optimism changes your subjective reality, Learn to change your brain and train it to zoom in on positive events.

Recognize that you can change your life at any point – Paul Tasner (How I became an entrepreneur at 66) Open yourself up to the possibilities that exist for everyone, at any age.

Look for meaning in the most challenging moments – Andrew Solomon (How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are) Fold the worst events of your life into a narrative of triumph, evincing a better self in response to things that hurt.

Listen to another person’s story – Dave Isay (Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear) Get out of your own head. Listen deeply and intentionally to another person’s meaningful story.

Return to your home base – Elizabeth Gilbert (Success, Failure and the Drive to keep creating) Be safe from the random hurricanes of outcome by never forgetting where you rightfully live. Identify the thing or things in your life that you love more than yourself.

Add some Wow to your world – Keller Rinaudo (How we are using Drones to deliver blood and save lives) World changing ideas are being hatched all around us. Swap some of the time reading or listening to news headlines; instead do a search for news stories with the key word “innovation.”

Remember the essential goodness of humanity – Mary Latham (More Good: Acts of Human Kindness) There’s always going to be horrible tragedies, but there is always going to be more good out there, you just have to look for it. When we put our fears aside, when we connect with strangers, when we smile at people next to us or put away our judgments, it opens a door into an entirely different way of life.

Think about your death (yes, really) – Candy Chang (Before I Die I want to…) In our age of increasing distractions, it is more important to find ways to maintain perspective, and remember that life is brief and tender. Thinking about all the things you can achieve right now, can be one of the most uplifting things you can do.

May these 8 concepts assist you in remaining Hopeful instead of Fearful.

With Light and Love and Hope,

The Importance of Fertilizing – Our Plants and Ourselves

We recently enlisted gardening help to assess, recommend and do what needs to get done to improve the health of our plants, shrubs, trees, flowering vines and grass. They were not thriving and looking their best. They looked tired. We knew we had sprinkler and soaker issues, however we knew it was more than just watering. And since we believe we no longer have rabbits, there was somehting else. They needed to improve their diet! They wanted and needed fertilizer, especially iron right now. 

A good gardener is like a doctor. He looks and determines what is necessary to improve the health of the patient.( our plants and ourselves). And even though the responsibility is really 100% on us to follow through, we sometimes need guidance and expert opinion to get us going in the right direction.

It was an AHA moment for me. We are all connected. I asked myself what the lesson was. I realized that if our gardens needed some nourishment, we probably did as well.  I pride myself on following a mostly plant based diet, and grocery shop mostly around the store’s perimeters for healthy, fresh and non processed foods. My husband and I exercise, hike and run in nature, strength train, practice yoga and love to sleep. In today’s environment, we make sure we decompress from all the noise to reduce stress, anxiety, confusion and upset. (Last week I spoke about “This world, She’s upside down” – and she still is!)

So when our new gardener talked about feeding our gardens with iron enriched fertilizer, the light bulb went off. In stressful times, the demands are greater on us. We need to adjust and increase the nutrients if we want to thrive and flourish. 

How simple it sounds! However it is one thing to know it, and another to do it. I encourage us all to reflect on our current food intake, our vitamin and herb supplements, our exercise and fitness programs, our stress reducing habits, and reassess what is needed for now. Adjust what is necessary to improve your energy, your positivity, your outlook on life. Even with all the chaos and confusion around us, we can be alive and well. In addition,  I and my husband will also strengthen our invisible bubble that protects us from the craziness of todays environment – tough enough to protect us, flexible enough to remain sensitive and aware, and perforated just a little to allow us to breathe in clean, healthy fresh air.

With Light and Love and Increased doses of Fertilizer for you and your gardens’ Wellbeing,


This World…She’s Upside Down!

My grandfather would often say this when he felt confused, frustrated, perplexed, not in control, and disappointed with the happenings going on. I too have used it especially in today’s environment. The world is truly upside down, having been shaken to it’s core, with everything we have known changed and rearranged. I do not see how anything from our past will transition into the future 100%. Some version perhaps will survive, but with a twist. There are so many dominoes still falling and impacting every part of everything. So what is next? Who has the crystal ball? Where will we find the answers?

The crystal ball image then changed for me to a vision of a snow globe. Who doesn’t love a snow globe? You pick it up, shake it up, turn it upside down, and Voila! a new and improved version of what was appears before your eyes. We hold the snow globe in our hands and smile at the snow gently covering everything with it’s brilliance and magic. We get to slow down and appreciate the beauty within the globe, and give thanks. Our heart opens and we savor that experience. Years ago I was gifted a different type of “snow globe”. It was a item being used during a new fragrance launch. It was a globe with sand, sea shells and starfish. It was special and I loved turning it upside down and discovered new items that had been buried each time I did that. 

You can use your imagination and visualize your own snow globe today. Pick it up, shake it up, turn it upside down, and watch as the snow gently starts to flow down, covering everything with its magic. However we have to stay open to feel it, see it, and understand it. Our perspective of things will change. To thrive in the new reality, our new snowglobe, we will adjust and adapt, remain flexible and flowing to the revisions and reroutes, give thanks for where we have been, and be grateful to have the opportunity to go forward. We will view things differently, rethink what is important, what has value, and what is truly meaningful in our lives. 

There is a reason why we needed to be shaken up and turned upside down. There are lessons to be learned and behaviours to change and Divine principles to follow. Yes, we are all in this together. However our lessons to be learned may be different. Use the time being upside down to listen and learn what is best for you. Then savor your new reality, your very own magical snowglobe.

With Light and Love,



Free to Be

Being the 4th of July holiday weekend,  I thought I would speak about the freedom to be who we choose to be. The one and only You. Regardless of outside conditions, circumstances and constraints, we all have the ability to choose and live our life the way we want to. 
Yes, it takes courage, it takes persistence and determination. It takes what some may call, work. It may take overcoming many or a few challenges, hardships, illnesses, struggles, shortfalls and lack. However, we have the power to change and transform our life. We are free to be who we want to be. We create the thoughts we think and decide to live by. 
As we were growing up, we learned so much from our parents, siblings, family and friends. Some of us had role models that encouraged us to be ourselves, some of us may not have. I give thanks that I was encouraged to be me and allowed to go after my dreams my way. And regardless of how you were brought up, you can stop being controlled by stereotypical thoughts and create your life the way you want to be. No one can take that away from you. You have the freedom to be You.
I recall being impacted by the Free to Be…You and Me children’s initiative conceived, created and executive produced by the actress, Marlo Thomas. The original idea to create the album began when she wanted to teach her then young niece Dionne about life;  in particular that it is acceptable to refute or reject the gender stereotypes expressed in children’s books of the period. In an Emmy Legends interview Thomas explains:  
I told my sister Terre “it would take Dionne 30 years to get over it (stories featuring traditional gender roles) the same as it took all of us. We need to find her some different books to read” and she said “You go and find them.” Well there weren’t any. And not only weren’t there any, I was in the bookstore one day looking around and found this one (picture book – I’m Glad I’m a Boy! I’m Glad I’m a Girl by Whitney Darrow Jr.) that showed a pilot on one page and a stewardess on a facing page (with a caption) that said “Boys are pilots, girls are stewardesses.” Well, I nearly had a heart attack right there in the bookstore. So I said “I’ll make a record for Dionne. I’ll ask everybody to donate their talents and it’ll be fun.”
Produced in collaboration with the Ms. Foundation for Women, it was a record album and illustrated book first released in November 1972 featuring songs and stories sung or told by celebrities of the day.  
Marlo Thomas interviewed and asked her friends what would they wish they had been told as a child. From those wishes came the songs that would inspire all children and adults with relevant important lessons to be learned. Be You.
2 years later, in March of 1974 came an ABC television special using poetry, songs, sketches and dance. The basic concept was to encourage post-1960’s gender neutrality, saluting values such as individuality, tolerance, and comfort with one’s identity. A major thematic message is that anyone – whether a boy or a girl – can achieve anything. The show won an Emmy and a Peabody, the book became #1 on the New York Times best-seller list and the record went gold. Marlo Thomas said, “We were floored by the impact it all had. My little message for Dionne had gone straight to the hearts of moms and dads and aunts and uncles and, most of all, teachers, who embraced it as a way to teach the kids in their lives a new way of thinking about themselves.”
What a gift! Thank you Marlo Thomas. 
With Light and Love and Freedom to be You and Me,

New Beginnings

This week many of my former colleagues were let go from Macys Inc. as the company restructured. Almost 4000 positions were eliminated. Having been through I believe 9+ mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and restructures, I know how difficult this can be for everyone. Even if your position is going forward, you feel a sadness for those who are not. And when it is you, the emotions of shock, upset, anger and resentment are real and uncomfortable.  However, they will turn into acceptance, gratitude for the training and experience there, and excitement for what’s next.

Although my situation was somewhat different it was a roller coaster ride. I decided to take an early retirement in 2011 from Macys which allowed me to venture off on my own:  First into travel retail with DFS, and then to start my own consulting business. Yes it took relocating, adjusting to a different commute for awhile, more travel, learning some new skills, Skype calls with headquarters in Hong Kong and later with clients all around the world. Many times I was conducting business late at night or early in the morning based on where my client was located – Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, NY, Ohio, Florida, and many more. My husband would chuckle seeing me with makeup on, business, professional attire from the waist up and with leggings or yoga bottoms on. .Similar to what so many people are doing today on Zoom. However it was all worth it. I had incredible opportunities all throughout my career. It took focus, hard work, confidence, discipline and persistence. It also took being open, flexible and adaptable to the ever changing circumstances. For change is a constant. In fact, it is the only constant.

For my friends and colleagues who are in limbo right now, know that there is the perfect new opportunity waiting for you. Even with all the chaos, confusion, anxiety, pandemic, racial injustice, economic instability, and so many other issues, positive, uplifting, life changing things are happening and will happen for you. 
Have faith
Stay open 
Be aware
Reach out
Visualize and write down your dream position
Know what you want and don’t want
Do not settle
Be patient
Stay positive
Affirm daily that your perfect position is waiting for you
Remain focused
Believe it will work out
Take time for yourself
Eat right
Think good thoughts
Find joy in every day
Balance the effort to find your next position with taking care of yourself

If I can inspire you, guide you, connect you with someone, or just listen, let me know.

With Light and Love,

Life Lessons from Gardening

Over the past four days I have been inspired to work in our home gardens after our daily run/walk. With sunny warm days and the Summer Solstice this weekend, it seemed like the perfect time to get my hands dirty. It has been a while since I last dug in the dirt!  Plus, since we finished our house repiping and garage organization projects, I looked forward to doing something more creative and in nature. What discoveries I found that had me thinking and applying the principals to my life. Here are a few of the lessons learned:

Gardening is hard work.  However when you love doing something, it does not feel like work! And when I take the time to garden, I love it. I go into a zone and everything else disappears. Also it is a great work out! With my weight lifting, running and yoga I came out of each day a little sore, but still ready and able to keep at it. And so it is with life! Love what you do so it does not feel like work. Appreciate the benefits of what you do and how strong you really are, mentally and physically. Then like several people have said, from Confucius to Mark Twain, “You will feel like you never worked a day in your life.”

Have a vision for your garden. What type of flowers, shrubs, trees or greenery do you like and what would do well in your climate? Sketch out your design and visit the nursery for ideas. And if yours are still closed due to the pandemic, check out pinterest and other sites for inspiration. The same plays out in your life. Have a vision of who you want to be, how you want to live, what you enjoy, what is important. Write it down, refresh it as needed, and continue to visualize and imagine.

Prep is everything. I made sure we had the plants to plant, soil, mulch, tools, garden stool, gloves, dumpster. I was shocked how in some areas the soil (or just clay) was so hard I almost broke the garden claw! That would be the second time! I realized that having the right mix of soil and nutrients were the foundation for a strong healthy plant. I was also shocked how many roots from plants no longer there were still buried deep in the soil (Bird of Paradise). And the weeds! I spent a lot of time removing what should not be there as it would not encourage growth. It was unhealthy for the new plants. I thought of what I had neglected in my life and what I needed to clear and clean out, getting rid of my clay soil, dead roots and debris. Time to Reflect, Renew and Refresh again.

Focus and pay attention. Once your plants are planted, Love them. Talk to them. Sing to them. Give thanks for their beauty. Enjoy them. Let them know you care by watering, fertilizing, pulling up weeds and removing any insects. Let them know you are there for them, and will give them what they need to survive. You may make a few mistakes, however it is a learning process. And so it is in life. Show up for yourself. Practice self-care. Pay attention to your nutrition, your sleep, your exercise, your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. Be confident, be assertive, feel empowered, be strong. Be the best you possible!

Be patient. Once planted, it takes time for the roots to become comfortable in their new environment, their new parents, their neighboring plants and their feeding schedule. I definitely continue to work on this as bougainvillea planted 2 years ago is just now reblooming and growing again.  And I almost took them out. However my husband and good neighbor kept advising me to be patient and love them. I even sang a song for them in the spring every morning when I opened the bedroom shade and looked down on them. I sent them positive energy. I believe it helped. Give yourself the time to bloom. Be patient. Practice self-love and kindness. Though the world is fast paced and has contributed to our desire for instant gratification in everything, growth takes time. Enjoy the journey. 

Tomorrow I will resume working in the garden on the bougainvillea area. I am excited to enhance the existing plants with some new ones that will add a little more color. I will weed, refresh the soil, sing to them and love them all. I wonder what lessons I will uncover as well.

With Light and Love