The Countdown has begun!

As of today, there are approximately 50 shopping days till Christmas. Hard to believe I know!  I just read the Sunday paper and the hype is on with increased advertising. Not only in the newspapers, but on line, via emails, texts, and social media blitzes.  And the physical stores are already having sales on holiday decorations and gifts. They are in full holiday mode. 

How do you feel?  
Are you anxious, happy, excited, nervous, worried that you do not have enough time or money to get it all done? Is your calendar full of holiday things to do? Or all of these?

I encourage you to step back and Breathe.  With the momentum picking up, create an invisible bubble around you to protect you from the craziness.  Think back to when you were young and got to enjoy the true spirit of the holiday season.  A time for family and friends to be together, sharing, caring, enjoying quality time and participating in whatever traditions you have made.  From decorating the tree, to baking, caroling, arts and crafts, boat parades, seeing the Nutcracker, donating gifts to those in need, or just sitting by the fire with a glass of cheer and watching the snow fall outside. It is not all about the presents and outdoing each other!

Living in Southern California for most of my life, running on the beach on Christmas day is a very special day to give thanks.  Though I must admit, I still miss  a white Xmas (just a little). However we can plan a get away and go to the snow capped mountains to experience a refreshing winter wonderland and then come back to the beach.

Promise yourself that you will focus more on the peace, joy, tranquility and true meaning of the holidays versus the chaotic, shop, shop, shop mentality that is so prevalent.  True, I was a retailer! I get it! My shopping list was long, my to do list was overwhelming.  Just remember, it does not have to be that way.  You get to choose. You get to have the Christmas that is right for you.  Do not allow the “shoulds” to take over. Be true to yourself. Find the balance and what works best for you.

So let the countdown begin! Share in the joy, happiness and wonderment of the season. For it truly is the “Most Wonderful time of the year!”

Happy Holidays,
With Love and Light,


Celebrating my Birthday and my Life

Recently I celebrated my 66th Birthday!  I admit that I do not feel 66, and as others have told me, I do not look 66. True, I have some wrinkles and age spots that give me character. My hair is 99% totally grey, of which I am proud to have never ever colored. Except for using the purple Dior wash out hair mascara once! 

I want to stay healthy for all my years. Without good health, one can be limited in what they can do and experience. Health is a key foundation for one to truly Live and Be. Longevity does run in my family.  My grandmother lived to 101, my Dad to 95, my Mom to her late 80’s, and I vaguely recall my great grandfather being over 110. I make staying healthy a priority. I eat a mostly plant based diet, incorporating fish and eggs. I continue to be an avid runner averaging 35+ miles a week. (It’s okay if my pace is slower as long as I can still do it without injury). I lift weights and do yoga.  We even went bike riding a week ago and wondered why we had not done so for a while.  It felt great though I did feel like Gumby when I got off! I try to be mindful of what I read, listen to and watch.  I spend time in nature, walking, running, gardening and just being in the moment. I love spending quality time with my husband and am thankful that at this phase of life we can and do.

I am truly grateful for being alive, healthy, happy and cancer free for 14.5 years.  Everyday is really a celebration of Life and Love for me. Why is it that it takes a life threatening experience for us to appreciate and not take anything for granted?

Live your life to the fullest.  Whatever stage you are in, be intentional with what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and question if you even should do it. We get to choose.  Every thought we have creates our world.  By default, negative thoughts and feelings easily come through, if you let them.  Do not let them.  Change your attitude.  Change your inner conversation.  Choose positivity. Choose Love. Choose kindness. Choose empathy. Choose peace.  Choose to see the good. Choose to be your most authentic self.

Happy Birthday to all my Libra friends and family. I hope you enjoyed your celebration..

Here’s to my being 66, and as my husband says, Learning new Tricks!

With Light and Love,



It’s okay to need a trellis!

Yesterday, while working in the garden, I realized that not only do growing vines need support (trellises), so do we sometimes. And that is perfectly okay and necessary. However we pretend that we can do it all alone. 

Over a year ago, we planted bougainvillea along a side fence in the backyard and removed the bird of paradise and other trees. I love the colors and the flowers. I chose an assortment of varying pink, fuchsia, white and purple.  Even though I chose what appeared to be healthy plants, a heat wave and some insects impacted their growth.  The sprinkler system also needed some tweaking. So here we are today, still nursing the vines and making adjustments.  I now even sing to them every morning!

Over the last few weeks I realized that they needed some additional support to better grow and flourish.  I found some trellises that would be perfect. I carefully positioned them and made sure I had gloves on up to my elbows to prevent the thorns from biting me. I tied some vine sections to the trellises, but not too many to constrict their freedom.

That is when I realized how important help and support is to everything and everyone. However we tend to discount wanting or needing help.  Why is that? Is it so wrong to need assistance?  Does it make us any less of a person? The answer is “No”. I do realize though that I have not always been okay with help.  I have been an independent, self sufficient individual for a very long time.  Could be a result of being 4 weeks premature.  I have a survival instinct that has given me strength, courage, persistence and determination.  I value that in me and in others.

However I also now accept that it’s okay to need some help.  Like……….

I wear reading glasses.
I roll out of bed supporting myself as I make my way to standing.
I ask for help in getting my suitcase in the overhead bin on airplanes.
My husband and I flip the mattress together.
I have the gardener do the heavy lifting and digging.
I use an allergy spray for occasional sneezes.
I take vitamins and herbs to support health and well being.
I am careful (picky) in my food choices and focus on plant based ingredients.
I believe in the power of thinking positively, affirmations and doing what is right.

These are a few of my “Trellises”.  They support me and encourage my growth. I do not view them as crutches or anything negative. They help me be stronger and allow me to flourish. That help me be the best me possible. I give thanks! 

Take a few minutes to identify your trellises. They play a key role in keeping you safe and healthy. The list will be different for all of us. For some, it will be mental and spiritual support, like prayer, affirmations, seminars, podcasts, music. For some, it will be more about healthy food choices. For others,  it will include more physical support, like walkers, canes, medication. Whatever your trellises are, give thanks for them and for your willingness to have them support and help you be your best self.

With Light and Love,




Improving your Mental Health

World Mental Health Day (10 October) is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Each October, thousands of supporters come to celebrate this program to bring attention to mental illness and its major effects on peoples’ life worldwide. The day celebrates awareness for the global community in an empathetic way, with a unifying voice, helping people feel hopeful by empowering them to take action and create lasting change.

As I reflect on this, I immediately go to my thinking, my mental health.  I realize that it all starts within me. I make it a practice to self talk in a way that is encouraging, uplifting and motivating.  I am usually optimistic, positive and happy because I do things that build me up – right thinking, proper exercise, healthy nutrition. I read and listen to articles, books, music and talks that increase my confidence, nourish me,  inspire me, strengthen and improve my overall well being (body/mind/spirit).  Yes it takes commitment of time, energy, consistence, and persistence. If it is important to you, you find a way to make it happen. However, I know that not everyone thinks they can do this alone. Know that there is help available when you need it.

The below information is from an article in Psychology Today that I believe you will find helpful.
Mental health is not just a diagnosis. It’s your overall psychological well-being – the way you feel about yourself and others and your ability to manage your feelings and deal with everyday difficulties. And while taking care of your mental health can mean seeking professional support and treatment, it also means taking steps to improve your emotional health on your own. Making these changes will pay off in all aspects of your life. It can boost your mood, build resilience, and add to your overall enjoyment of life:

9 Ways You Can Improve your Mental Health Today

  1. Tell yourself something positive.
    Research shows that how you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel. Practice using words that promote feelings of self-worth and personal power.
  2. Write down something you are grateful for.
    Gratitude has been clearly linked with improved well-being and mental health, as well as happiness. The best-researched method to increase feelings of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal or write a daily gratitude list. Find something to be grateful for, let it fill your heart, and bask in that feeling.
  3. Focus on one thing (in the moment).
    Being mindful of the present moment allows us to let go of negative or difficult emotions from past experiences that weigh us down.  When your mind wanders, just bring it back to what you are doing.
  4. Exercise.
    Your body releases stress-relieving and mood-boosting endorphins before and after you work out, which is why exercise is a powerful antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression. To get the most benefit, aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, and try to do it outdoors. Time in nature is a proven stress reducer.
  5. Eat a good meal.
    What you eat nourishes your whole body, including your brain. Carbohydrates (in moderation) increase serotonin, which has a calming effect on your mood. Protein-rich foods increase norepinephrine, dopamine, and tyrosine, which help keep you alert. Vegetables and fruits are loaded with nutrients that feed every cell. Include foods with Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (found in fish, nuts, and flaxseed.) Research shows that these nutrients can improve mood and restore structural integrity to the brain cells.
  6. Open up to someone.
    Knowing you are valued by others is important for helping you think more positively. Plus, being more trusting increases your emotional well-being. As you learn about the positive aspects in other people, you become better at recognizing your own. 
  7. Do something for someone else.
    Research shows that being helpful to others has a beneficial effect on how you feel about yourself. Being helpful and kind—and valued for what you do—is a great way to build self-esteem.
  8. Take a break.
    In those moments when it all seems like too much, step away. Sometimes the best thing to do is a simple breathing exercise: Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. For each one, count to four as you inhale, hold it for a count of four, and then exhale for another four. This works wonders almost immediately.
  9. Go to bed on time.
    Research has shown that sleep deprivation has a significant negative effect on your mood. Try to go to bed at a regular time each day, and practice good habits to get better sleep. These include shutting down screens for at least an hour before bed, using your bed only for sleep or relaxing activities, and restricting caffeinated drinks for the morning.

Start today.
You have the power to take positive steps right now to improve your resilience and emotional health. Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis to make your mental health a priority. It is easier to form new habits when you are feeling strong. You can then implement those habits when you need them most. Pick something from this article that resonates with you and try it. Then, try something else. Slowly putting in place routines, habits, and regular patterns will help you feel better through gradual change.

To your Improved Mental Health and Well Being!

With Light and Love,



We are all storytellers.  We share our thoughts, our experiences, our vision, our feelings not only with ourselves, but with others.
Do you enjoy listening to your stories? Do others?
Are your stories uplifting?
Do you and others feel good after your sharing?

Our written as well as our verbal words have an incredible impact on us. How many times do you read or hear something and you just smile!  How many times do you read or hear something and you are brought to tears! Our emotions are moved by the words we use and the pictures we create.  Storytelling helps us and others understand. Others are more likely to remember a great story that moved them than just a bulleted, non emotional, even though informative, presentation.

Having been in business for so many years, I used to pride myself on being clear and concise in my presentations.  I was specific with just enough details.  I loved a one pager!!!!! (We may have had to use a magnifying glass to read through everything, but to get all the information on one page was the ultimate!).

However I have come to realize that in order to rally others around my vision, I needed to elaborate more.  Make the presentation more relatable. I then learned the art and importance of storytelling. I tapped into my personal experiences as well as those from current events, news, books, music, movies, insights, travel and more. I took my audience on a journey through storytelling. They could visualize it, feel it, and sometimes taste it.  Establishing an emotional connection through storytelling made all the difference. It allows others to open their hearts and their minds and become more receptive to new ideas, thoughts, proposals.

We are social beings.  We need engagement with others. Of course, we all like to be alone at times.  Being quiet and going within and listening helps us remain calm and balanced. It allows us to hear our innermost thoughts and provides intuition the space to speak to us. However connecting with others is key to a rich and rewarding life. How are you connecting with others? What stories are you telling? Are you more of a one word response speaker or are you really sharing?

We have the choice of how we communicate and how we tell our stories. We can rewrite the script at any time.  Erase what is not serving you or others.

This is our life and our story.
Make it meaningful, make it important, make it the way you want it to be.

With Light and Love and Inspiring Storytelling!


What’s the Conversation?

We have a choice every time we talk to ourselves and to others.  Will we be loving, kind, understanding and inspiring? Or will we be angry, rude, indifferent, and judgmental?

I choose Loving, Kind, Understanding and Inspiring!  I have noticed through the years though, that since so much conversation is done via the internet (emails, twitter, facebook, etc), people have the tendency to be more critical and harsh in their use of words. I guess they feel safe since it is not a face to face interaction, that the behaviour is okay.  However not in my world!

I intentionally watch how I say things to myself and then to others.  Do I always get it right? No!  I could be juggling more than one project, I can be laser focused on something else and not really paying attention. It happens.  However it is important to realize when that happens and what triggered it.

We all interpret things differently based on our experiences, our age, our gender, our backgrounds.  Being open and receptive to hear what others are saying is key to better understanding and finding common ground. It starts with the words and inflections we use. 

I start my day, even before I get out of bed, with my daily affirmations and gratefulness to be alive and well. I do not take my health lightly having overcome cancer 14.7 years ago.  I give thanks for those that have helped me, supported me, encouraged me, and continued to love me.  I especially give thanks for my husband and love of my life for our almost 38 years together. I set the tone for my day and realize I have the power to impact it.  My conversation with myself lifts me and motivates me to begin a new day.  I then roll out of bed, do my yoga malasana deep squat stretch, put music on, open the shades and stare out to the world.  On clear days (and when the sun is up), the ocean is beautifully glistening and welcoming me. I feel so appreciative that I get to start the day this way. I then head downstairs where my husband has turned on the coffee and the music. Our day begins!

Our conversations set the tone for the day to unfold.  We are thankful that we can choose our projects and set our pace.  Not everyone can.  We realize that.  We think back to all those years of commuting to the office, being in rush hour traffic, running when it was still dark in the morning in order to get our exercise in, getting home when it was dark at night, feeling at times stressed and overwhelmed, rushing to catch planes, lugging suitcases and briefcases, being away on business trips and sleeping not as much as needed.  Reflecting back we did what we had to do in order to be here now.  The conversations we had with ourselves and with others impacted everything. One phrase I used a lot ( and still do sometimes) was from the children’s book “The Little Engine that Could”. “I think I can”, became “I thought I could,” to finally “Yes I can!”. 

So, What is the Conversation you are having?  

With Light and Love and Healthy Conversations,

Recharging one’s Battery

Why do we take better care of our digital devices than we do ourselves? If a digital device shows a low battery reading, we recharge it, knowing it will stop working if we ignore it. It is the same with us. We need to be self-aware enough that if our Energy dips, stop and recharge. If we don’t catch it, or ignore it, the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE is going to put us into a recharge mode. 

Let us learn whatever lessons we need to learn without being forced into a recharge mode. 

My husband sent me the above insight while we were on a mini get away in British Columbia.  Whistler was incredibly beautiful, majestic mountains, soaring trees, flowers, lakes, and beautiful vistas for miles.  However, it was also rainy, cold, damp and cloudy.  That did not stop us from exploring!  Go Go Go we did! Bundled up in hiking and rain gear, we ventured out every day. I did not though, expect what happened.  After a few days out in the elements, I could not get warm.  My body felt achy and chilled.  I actually stayed in bed last Friday and slept the  entire day!  So glad I had Tiger Balm ointment in my travel bag!!!!
It has taken about a week to feel like myself again.  Once we returned home, I could not wait to run along the ocean’s edge, basking in the warmth of the sun. I sat on a bench to feel the warmth penetrate my body. So good. True, I had to pace myself and could not just resume where I had left off.  (Maybe I would have earlier on, but I have realized that I needed to ease back into my exercise routines. 6 miles yes, but with intermittent breaks.

I was upset with myself for not noticing the signs of feeling a bit run down. Early morning flights, long drives, meals at different times, exercise routines disrupted, and then the weather! However I realize I am a sensitive person, and my shield was down.  I wanted to experience all that BC offered.  Hiking and taking long walks exploring every day, indulging in a few too many morning muffins that were oh so good!  Great seafood, fresh locally grown produce.  I loved it all.  My body not so much!!! Especially the carbs and sugar. Lesson learned!!! Do what you know works for you.  For me that is mostly plant based meals, home cooking, vegetables both raw and steamed, and plenty of fresh fruit.  For protein, I enjoy fish and nuts.  And be mindful when you are enjoying foods usually not consumed, being out in inclimate weather, or not keeping your routines, sleep patterns and taking time to just BE.  Remember, moderation is key. And finding Balance. I remember one morning in BC, I asked the server for a custom smoothie with kale, spinach, blueberries, nut butter and avocados- Heaven! My mind and body thanked me.

Here’s to your taking the time to Recharge your Battery!
With Light and Love and a spare battery,



New Adventures

I love to travel!  Ever since I was a young girl I always dreamed of traveling the world. I remember helping my sister with a school project about Peru and pasting cotton balls on the llama.  That was the beginning.  I became intrigued with traveling to new places to immerse myself in the culture, history, food, music, art, architecture and the natural beauty around.

And travel I have.  When I met my husband, we shared a love of adventure and travel. And here we are, still seeking adventure in new places after almost 38 years together.
We have traveled to 6/7 Continents, 6/7 Wonders of the World, 44 countries.  The gypsy in me tends to seek out more off the radar places and I could easily go for a month!  In fact it had been a desire of mine to ideally work 3 months/take a month off/repeat.  Although that has not materialized yet, we have enjoyed 1 week, 2 week and 3 week holidays near and far. Instead of dealing with laundry, at times we have been known to take well worn clothes and running shoes with us and then donate or toss.

Planning a trip is also a fun project for me.  We have done small group tours (like bicycling trips with Backroads, and other companies). However we prefer independent travel with some of the transportation and daily excursions pre-arranged.  Then it is Charles and I exploring, getting lost, having the map upside down!, finding out of the way treasures, participating in funerals, weddings, all kinds of celebrations.  Great experiences and great memories.

For me, travel is an education.  It helps me remain non-judgmental, open to new things, more flexible, more adaptable, more receptive.  I feel that everyone can benefit from traveling.  And it doesn’t have to be far away.  Look at all the different neighborhoods around where you live.  Take the time to explore those.  Talk to locals.  Taste the food.  Attend a concert or visit a museum.

So much to learn.  So much to see.  So many places for New Adventures.

Happy Exploring!
With Light and Love,



Reinvent Yourself

I have recently read quite a few articles regarding Retail Reinvention. Having been in the industry for so many years, even though I am retired, I continue to be fascinated by all things retail related.  Especially regarding fashion and beauty.

Two of the most significant changes impacting the landscape are:
Subscription services – a monthly charge to receive a box filled with new items based on your preferences that you keep, or a monthly fee to rent, return, and refresh a selection of items with new ones.
Resale of Used Items – Thrift and consignment stores have evolved and expanded into online channels and are now morphing into retail departments within stores or as freestanding locations. Key players have entered or have announced their plans – Bloomingdales, Macys, Urban Outfitters, Patagonia, Banana Republic, Stage, Nike, Vince, West Elm, JC Penney. The list grows daily.

These are definitely game changers.  Several of the reasons noted are:
Convenience – Shop online and have it delivered to your home.
Newness – We all want to try the latest, greatest and best items. 
Sustainability – Help the planet, recycle, reuse, repurpose.
Affordability – Rent  designer clothes and accessories for a reasonable monthly fee. 
Selection – So many items to choose from. 

I find this fascinating. The younger generations are definitely driving these choices.  And rightly so.  It is in sync with their values and goals.  Since Marie Kondo inspired all of us to only keep what brings you JOY, consignment and thrift shops have been overwhelmed with merchandise.  People are  more open to vintage and used clothes. No stigma attached.  And the concept of renting clothes and accessories for a short time is preferred.  No more jammed closets with items we no longer use or wear!  

With this reinvention of how we buy, rent, use, reuse our  “Things” – I was sparked to expand the concept to our “Thoughts”. We can use the same principle of reinventing ourselves. What thoughts, habits, feelings, wants and routines need to be recycled?
What behaviours continue to represent us and which should we let go of?
What dreams and goals are still relevant and which aren’t?
What are our likes and dislikes as of today, not from the past?

Give yourself the chance to Reinvent Your Entire Being.  From head to toe, and heart to mind. Clear out what no longer serves you.  Make adjustments to refresh yourself. Try a new way of doing something.  Try modifying your behaviour. Go left instead of right. Try a new sport.  And if you don’t like it, then do not subscribe to it!  Let it go. Reinventing is a necessary component for all of us.  Become  the new and improved version of YOU.

Here’s to your Reinvention!
With Light and Love,



Sweet Pain

Or should I say Mild Discomfort!  Well worth it though.
Yesterday I continued on my gardening project.  Before I knew it, I had spent over 4 hours digging holes for new flowers, pulling out weeds and roots, snipping off overgrown vines, adding in soil amendments, and then stepping back to appreciate what I had accomplished. My husband was a big help in carrying out the tools, the bags of soil, cleaning up and watering.  Team work definitely helps!

Since the gardening work was after our Saturday 6 mile run on the beach and trails, I knew I would be having a super charged work out day.  No wonder I got tired and was in bed by 8 pm!!  And I slept a good 12 hours.  My body did feel it.  I ached a bit during the night, especially my upper back and shoulders from digging with the gardening claw.  However when I woke up this morning, I felt pretty good.  My sweet pain was minimal.  I could do my morning deep squat without any tightness in my thighs or lower back. I was also thankful that Sundays are a casual walk day!! 

I give thanks for my health and ability to take on projects that require some muscle. As I was maneuvering the claw in the soil, I thanked my weight training and yoga for giving me the strength.  I also thanked myself for not overdoing it and asking my husband for help when needed.

At this stage in life (I will turn 66 next month), I want to continue being an active participant in life.  I want to continue being active – running, hiking, practicing yoga and traveling.  And I want to remain injury free.

So it’s okay to feel some sweet pain or mild discomfort at times.  Challenge yourself but know your limits.  Be mindful and careful.  Ask for help if you need it. Give yourself recovery time.  And commit to doing what is in your power to have maximum good health – nutrition, exercise, rest.  And the right attititude.  It all makes a difference.

With Light and Love and a little sweet pain from your gardening project, whatever that may be.