For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.   

Mary Kay Ash – Founder Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I love detours! Do you?

Many times in life, I had planned to go one way, and ended up going a different way.
Accident? Or was it truly meant to be? Here a few examples of my detours!

I was running one day and instead of going up a path that I usually go, at the last minute I changed course and ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a long time.

During a  slow period in my consulting business, I decided to reroute and finally write  Take a Moment – my 1st published book of inspirational quotes, travel photos, and affirmations. 

While we were looking to move to Monarch Beach, we hit a roadblock. The perfect right house was not materializing. So we decided to go back to Pasadena.  The morning that we were to go and look at a property, we received a call from the realtor saying the owners were looking for a long escrow! We wanted a short, under 1 month escrow.  So before we left the hotel, I scanned online for Monarch Beach one more time.  I saw a property that looked perfect – I had not seen it before.  I knew every house for sale within the 3 mile radius that I desired.  Was this the one?  I quickly called our realtor there who knew we had decided on Pasadena after searching for 9 months.  She was so accomodating and got right on it!  Interesting – the property should not have been posted, it quickly was removed, however the tenant was moving out that upcoming Monday and the owner was then prepping to sell.  We had our realtor go in on Monday, take videos, and bring 2 offers.  I knew this was the one.
And here we are – 5 years later and love, love, love it!

So you never know.  Stay open.  Do not become frustrated when you have to detour.  There is a reason.

Go for it!

With light, love and excitement for more detours and adventures,

The Meaning of Finding 2 Nickels


A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding dimes while out running and their significance.  The other day on my morning run, I came across a shiny nickel.  Then a few paces later, another nickel! I realized the Universe was giving me a message or 2!

As I reflected on the meaning, I realized that by finding 2 nickels, it not only holds the power of 5, but also the power of 10 or dimes. 

Here is what the nickel – number 5 – represents in numerology.

The nickel carries the vibration of the 5, which is a spontaneous, wild and adventurous number! It needs variety and change in which to thrive.  

Although our world is in a constant state of change, it is still something that many of us resist, fearing the unknown and preferring to exist in a state of predictability.

Finding a nickel on the ground can often be a sign to live more freely.

To loosen your grip on what’s stable and safe and take a few risks!  The very presence of the nickel in your path is a divine sign of support: you have nothing to fear.  All will be well.

I loved reading that!

Now, couple that with the meaning of 10 – or the dimes.

The number 10 is the awakening number that asks you to pay attention and in this condition, it means that you should trust your instincts and move forward with your decision. It also means that you have the support of spirits and things will work out for you in the way you like.

WOW!  I felt invigorated and empowered to be more adventurous, spontaneous, and take risks. I felt guided and supported, knowing that the Universe would back my choices.

However I must admit, as much as I love adventure, I also value stability, routines, and comfort. I like my rythms and routines! (I also wrote about that weeks ago!)

As a Libra, I seek balance in my life.  Perhaps this message was a way to tell me that I have been a bit too conservative.  So, here’s to incorporating a little more adventure and spontaneity into my life. – Both professionally and personally.  

Here’s to yours and my exciting adventures!

Have fun,


Faith Dream Believe


One never knows when, where or how the Universe will send us messages we need to hear!
That is why it is important to remain alert and aware of all that goes on around and within us.
I’d like to share how these 3 words ( Faith, Dream, Believe) came to be significant guiding principles in my life.
A few years ago while living in San Francisco I would run through the neighborhoods around Nob Hill early in the morning before work.  I would come across the most interesting and strange things!
One morning as I’m running down the hill, a painter had spilled paint on the cement sidewalk. My first reaction was to be upset that they just left it there.  Then I looked more closely at it. Someone spelled the word Faith with a stick while the paint was still wet!
I was wowed! I took note of how much having Faith is key to a better life.
Then, on the way back up the hill I was on the opposite side of the street.  I saw against an apartment building two plaques. One said Dream. One said Believe.
These plaques were the size of a shoebox cover and the writing was in gold lettering against a black background.
In San Francisco people tend to dispose of furniture, books, miscellaneous items by leaving them outside their apartment. Although that is illegal, it continues to happen. Then weekly a truck comes along and picks them up. Most likely to salvage, give to Goodwill or recycle in some way.
That morning these three words; Faith – Dream – Believe – really impacted me.  What a powerful message!
In fact, to this day these three words continue to influence my Life and my Being. I have a reminder 4×7 card with the words on them to remind me of their significance. I also during the day, find myself just saying “Faith! Dream! Believe! to myself as a mantra that inspires, uplifts and brings me joy.
Do you have any guiding principles?
What messages are you picking up from the Universe?
Here’s to a magical day of being open to the messages and meanings around us!
With Love and Light,

Taking my Own Advice


Time for me to take my own advice and Reflect – Renew – Refresh myself!!!!!!!!!

Every Monday I usually write my weekly blog to inspire, motivate and energize others.
However yesterday I stared at my blank laptop screen and continued to enter a few words, then kept hitting the delete or backspace button.
I was wondering what was going on?

Writer’s block?  I usually listen to my inner voice for guidance on the topic.
None came through.  Nothing! What was happening?
I realized that I needed to follow my own advice from my book and Reflect Renew Refresh myself!

At first I felt disappointed that I had not held to my every Monday writing.  I asked myself whether it was more important to just write something to say I did it or to take another day or so and find the right topic to share.
I took the second option.  So today my topic focused on what happened yesterday and how I dealt with it.
If I wasn’t feeling inspired, how could I write something inspiring?

What would the reader feel if I was not authentic, sharing my personal experience?
Isn’t that why we write, take pictures, videos, selfies – to share our experiences with others – relate to others – share what we are going through to better understand and find out that others have or are going through something similar?

So today I am affirming that Yes – I do still want to inspire, motivate and energize others.  Most importantly, I intend to first continue to inspire, motivate and energize myself through daily readings of positive and uplifting writings, daily exercise, healthy nutrition, right thinking, and feeling grateful and thankful for my LIFE. (My health, wealth, peace, love, joy, harmony, prosperity and success)

For it is only then that I can successfully convey to you through my words, thoughts that have meaning, thoughts that cause you to Reflect, thoughts that bring you happiness, joy and peace.

Be true to yourself.
Take the time to restore yourself.

And if you would like to order my book – Reflect Renew Refresh – The 3 R’s for an Inspired Life – it is available at or on Amazon.

Wishing you an inspired day!


Finding Calm in the Chaos


How important is it to have peace and harmony in your life?
I know in mine it is very, very important.
However at times, like now, when the world around us is very chaotic, how do you shield yourself, calm yourself, and maintain inner peace?

I find that music impacts my being.  In our house, we play music all day.  It resonates throughout every room.
Our collection is very eclectic.  It covers so many genres.  However what is a constant is that the vibrations that we feel from the music enliven, inspire, heal and nourish us.

Notice the music that you listen to.  Notice what others listen to.  Notice how you feel when certain songs are played.

Music is magic!  Music has power to bring us together.
And it is okay if what you like is different than what I like.
As long as it resonates with you and brings you a sense of calm in the chaos – Great!

It has done what it was meant to do.
Find your calm in the chaos.

With light, love and music!


Are you Adaptable and Adjustable?


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”  Charles Darwin

Are you adaptable to change? Are you flexible and adjustable to “Reroute”?

I have found that these qualities and abilities have assisted me more times than I can count throughout my life.  Is it easy?  Not always.  However,  if I wasn’t able to adapt or adjust, I would not be where I am today.

It starts with making the adjustments internally – via your thoughts.  How you interpret what you read, hear or say, matters.

You have a choice!  You can stay your course or you can adapt to lead life to your fullest potential.  First – assess where you are. Then determine if you are happy and at peace with that.  If so – no need to adapt and adjust.  If not – then time to “Reroute”.

Some examples:

Desire to live to be 100 – (I am shooting for at least 105!) – and do what is necessary to get there. Feeding your mind, body and soul with the right nourishment, exercise, rest, relaxation, thoughts and deeds. Make those adjustments to live a healthy and long life or don’t and risk not achieving your goal.

Stay in your current, unfulfilling job or take the leap and do what you really want to do. Fear of the unknown could be keeping you back; or self doubt could be sabotaging your success. Take the time to write out your plan of action.  Go for it! Years from now do not be one that regrets not going after something that you really wanted.

Start the day with inspirational readings to maintain a positive, healthy, optimistic outlook, or just read through the news with its negativity, drama, war, crime, injustice.
I am not saying to ignore what is happening, or to isolate yourself.  I am though recommending you balance your reading to get in the right frame of mind.

Go to bed at a reasonable time to get a quality sleep that nourishes and revitalizes you. Some may need 8 hours, others more, others less.  Find what works best for you.

Yell back at rude, angry, crazy drivers on the road – or choose to remain calm and safe. They are not worth getting mad about – protect yourself.

Push yourself in an exercise class beyond your ability just because you wanted to fit in. When you did – how did you feel the next day? Sore? Hopefully no major injury.  Know your limits – push yourself within a reasonable limit – carefully – listen to your body.  It knows.

I would love to hear about how you have adapted and made adjustments to lead a more fulfilling life for yourself.

Here’s to your long and healthy, happy life!



Celebrating Freedom


There are many definitions to the word “Freedom”.
There are also many interpretations of the meanings.
A meaning often stated is “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.”
However we all interpret it differently. Why?
Because we are all unique individuals experiencing life based on our upbringing, our role models, our lifestyle, our education, our neighborhood, our friends, family, likes, dislikes, work environment, music, art; the list goes on and on. Everything impacts and influences us and our decisions and choices.
What’s important for me is not for you.  However it is important to allow others to “do their thing” as long as we can respect, not judge and do no harm.
So as we enter into this July 4th celebration of Freedom – remember that.

Be kind
Be loving
Be respectful
Be grateful
Be appreciative
Be thankful
And have fun!



Which way is your map facing?


Is your map going in the right direction?
Are you following what you believe to be the right road?

Recently on travels through eastern Europe without a GPS,  I was using a city map provided by the hotel.
We were exploring the city, going here and there, and then trying to find our way back.  I thought the map was in the right direction but as we approached several streets, I realized we were totally going the opposite way! I had the map upside down!
Aside from being at first upset (I was tired and a bit hungry), it was an interesting lesson!
Is your map in the right direction?
Are you going where you want to go?
Sometimes we have to reroute and look at the other options.
We need to be aware of our surroundings and make the appropriate adjustments.
What a great lesson for me to learn.
Which way is your map facing?
Are you going where you want to go or is it time to assess where you are and make revisions?
Happy Exploring!

Finding Dimes


Finding money is always fun!  It seems that during my daily runs I tend to find coins and even dollar bills.  It can be on the street, sidewalk, on a bridge, in the sand on the beach, in a parking lot, almost anywhere.  My eyes are drawn to something shiny.  And most of the time it is a dime! Heads up or heads down – either way I consider them positive signs.
I at first didn’t think anything of it.  However when I showed my husband, he immediately looked up the symbolism of dimes.  He is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that there is a deeper meaning to discover.

So what do finding dimes signify?
A sign that positive changes are afoot; a reward or token of approval from beyond. Ancestors, spirits, guides, or deceased loved ones want you to know they’re looking out for you. The number 10 symbolizes a circle, so a dime might indicate coming full circle, fulfillment, unity, or the completion of a task.
So there it is.
There definitely is meaning to it.
Reflect on it.
Ask yourself for its meaning for you.
Be grateful.
Give thanks.
Enjoy your day and be on the look out for dimes!

Fascination with Doors


On our recent travels through Budapest, Vienna and Prague, I was fascinated with the architecture – especially zeroing in on doors!  At castles, churches, palaces, and in out of the way places, they were stunning.

So of course, I took some pictures.

Why am I fascinated with doors?  I believe their significance for me is that we have a choice – open, close, walk by, lock, bang on, paint a bold color, or ignore.

The visible doors in life remind me that we also have invisible doors that we have built.  They can hold us back or we can choose to open and step through –  continue exploring, continue seeking out that which will contribute to our growth. We may think we built those to protect us, shield us, and comfort us into security.  However in most cases they do just the opposite. They limit us, confine us, and stifle us.

We have a choice.  Stay curious and open as many doors as you can.  See the possibilities that are available to you as long as you take the necessary steps.

What doors will you open today?

With Light and Love,