Earth Day – Every Day


It was truly wonderful to see people celebrating Earth Day yesterday and over the weekend. Increasing awareness and focusing attention are really the first steps to making a difference and implementing change.
And yes, a change in thinking and acting is necessary.
Let’s celebrate Earth Day every day.
Let’s consciously make decisions and take actions that do not negatively impact the earth.
We can all do our part in preserving the beauty and significance of this incredible planet.
Do not litter.
Bring your reusable bags for marketing and shopping.
Use less plastic anything.
Walk or bike – leave the car home.  Or take public transportation.
One change by everyone adds up!
Living in a beach community is very special.
I get to feel the energy of the ocean, the waves, the sand, the high and low tides, the seagulls, pelicans, whales, dolphins, seals.
I feel enriched and enlivened.  And blessed.
However,  I also see the neglect, the trash, the plastic that the tides deposit on the beaches.
Let’s do our part and help heal the planet, preserving it for many generations to come.
We are all connected. We all can make a difference.
To your radiant health and that of our planet.



Reflect to Renew and Refresh


As the seasons change and signs of Spring appear, it seems the perfect time for Reflection.

Taking the time to reflect is the 1st R in my book – “Reflect Renew Refresh” – the 3 R’s for an Inspired Life!

Before we can move forward, we need to assess where we are, what has transpired, and where we want to go.

For the last few days, I have been more quiet, more reflective, and somewhat staying to myself.  I am looking at my routines and rituals, my likes and dislikes, my preferences and desires.  I am reviewing what I would like to change up and what I definitely want to continue.

I am looking at what is working (right thoughts, words and actions, exercise, healthy eating, rest, spending time with my husband, being out in nature, pacing myself).

I am also looking at what needs to shift (spending more time reading, meditating, pursuing new and contributing to existing consulting clients, marketing my books, identifying charities and support groups to work with).

Take the time to reflect and jump start your Spring!

By taking care of yourself first, then you will be able to be your best self and can help others.

You may think that is selfish!

And that is okay – because It’s important to take care of yourself first.  Many years ago, when I was in my teens, a dear friend said to me ‘If you do not take care of yourself, who will?”.  That statement startled me, however has stayed with me and helped me to this day.

I give thanks for this incredible journey of Life! I do not want to take anything for granted.

So after my Reflecting, I can confidently move forward to Renew my commitments and to Refresh my spirit.

Happy Spring Rebirth everyone.

With Light and Love,


How are you showing up in Life?


We do have a choice!
Every morning, before I even get out of bed,  I say my affirmations.  I go into the day with a positive outlook, visualizing what the day is going to be like.  I am grateful that I am alive. 

How are you going to start the day?

How are you choosing to show up at work?

How are you engaging with others – those you encounter at the coffee shop, market, yoga studio, park, beach, while traveling?

What can you do differently that will impact your day in a positive way?

We all do have a choice!

Regardless of the things that are not under our control, we have a choice how we’re going to respond.

Make it beneficial for yourself.

Make it beneficial for those around you. 

That energy will translate and transform your life everyday.

Choose correctly.

Have the right attitude. 

Desire the right outcome.

Have your actions and intentions in alignment and it will come to be. 

With love and light,


Manifesting your Desires


Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive.

Stella Terrill Mann

Take a Moment and listen. State and feel your desire. Ask yourself if it’s really what you want. When you believe you are worthy and deserving of having your desire, you will receive it.  Continue to visualize your desired  outcome.

The above is taken from my first book “Take A Moment” – Inspirational Darts to the Heart.  Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press.


My desire in creating “Take a Moment” was to bring joy and healing to others through words and photos that have continued to be uplifting, inspiring, and meaningful to me through the years.

Just “Take a Moment” to:

Be Inspired
Be enlivened
Be nourished
Be at peace
Be happy
Be rejuvenated
Be in the moment
Be grateful
Be thankful
Be appreciative

And Remember:                           Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive.

With healing love,


Rhythms, Routines and Rituals – Part II


As I stated in my last post,  I believe Monday mornings will be my “Go To” time for submitting a weekly blog.  It feels like the perfect way to set the intention for the day and the upcoming week.  So here I go – step by step – as my photo of Big Sur shows above.

After having my coffee and time with my husband, I have read some inspirational messages, posted a great article on Linked In and now am devoting time to my writing.  I would like to mention the article is a great reminder for all managers, supervisors and leaders in the work environment.  We talk a great deal about the customer experience – engage with them, excite and delight them.  However it is imperative that we care for our employees and treat them right so they in turn can service the customer.

Not only does this article relate to the work environment, it really does apply to all encounters with others.  How are you interacting with those you meet on the street, in the grocery store, at the restaurant, over the phone?  Are you putting your Best Foot Forward?

We send messages of who we really are by our behaviors and words.  Take some time to assess how your messages are coming across.  Remember, perception is everything.  Ask for feedback and be open to receive the guidance.  Observe yourself and learn from it.

Now it’s time for my exercise routine before working on some client projects.

Here’s to a great day and week filled with positivity, inspiration, and motivation.


Rhythms, Routines and Rituals



I have to admit, I have not found my rhythm yet with writing a post each week.  Last year, I was posting quotes and images every Monday to social media.  As I got more involved with publishing my second book, “Reflect, Renew, Refresh”, I got away from doing that.  Now with the book published, I am recommitting to posting every week.

Even though today is Saturday, I am thinking Mondays will be my day – it starts the week for most and can be a great motivator.

In addition to my writing, I do have other Rhythms, Routines and Rituals that contribute to my life.

Here are a few of them.

  1. Saying my affirmations every day (morning and night) – Thankful and Grateful for this life, my health, wealth, peace, love, joy, harmony, prosperity and success.
  2. Starting each day enjoying fresh brewed coffee while engaging in stimulating conversation with my husband.
  3. Reading inspirational, empowering, life affirming quotes, books, and articles to keep my mind positive and encourage me to be my best self.
  4. Enjoying my daily runs along the beach, practicing yoga and lifting weights to stay fit and healthy.
  5. Maintaining a healthy Work/Life balance. Grateful to be flexible in my scheduling of projects and initiatives.
  6. Contributing to my clients’ businesses and making a difference.
  7. Fueling my mind/body and spirit with nutritional and healthy food and drink.
  8. Planning annual vacation time with the Love of my Life, exploring new places and cultures – The best education there is.


I would love to hear what some of your Rhythms, Routines and Rituals are!

Enjoy your weekend.

Love and Light,




Happy Anniversary to Me!


Today I celebrate LIFE!  Not that I do not give thanks on a daily basis, however today marks 13 years that I am cancer free.  A very special day for extra acknowledgement of being alive and well.  And oh so very thankful!!!!!

So how do I celebrate?  I spend more time with me doing what I love.  Yoga, Running along the beach, spending time holding hands with my husband as we talk and walk.  Reading, writing and being inspired and nourished.  Feeding my mind, body and spirit. Starting and ending my day with my daily affirmations emphasizing my gratitude and appreciation.

I give thanks for all the people in my life that support, encourage and love me for me.  I am very protective of who those people are and who I let in. Thank you for being there.

I am thankful for all the opportunities in my life – both professionally and personally.  They have contributed in so many ways and allow me to enjoy this phase of my life, making choices that are right for me.

So let’s celebrate this incredible LIFE together.

With healing Light and Love,




Reflect Renew Refresh


 “Reflect, Renew, Refresh, The 3 R’s for an Inspired Life,” is a 52 week journal of quotes, uplifting words and a collection of my travel photos to enrich your Life. I created this guide from the daily notes of encouragement my husband gave me during my cancer recovery 13 years ago.  They meant so much to me that I kept them in albums and knew I would one day create a book to share with others. Regardless of our current state of mind, we can always benefit from bursts of inspiration.

Use Reflect, Renew, Refresh” as your guide to enhance your well being, nourish your soul and improve your outlook on life.

I have found that if we take the time to Reflect on positive influences and meaningful occurrences, we can Renew our spirit and Refresh our soul.

Open  Reflect, Renew, Refresh” to the week and immerse yourself in the beauty of each page, finding comfort in the words and images.  Then in the journal page for that week, write down your thoughts in each of the sections to Reflect, Renew, Refresh” ,  stating how you intend to benefit from that week’s inspiration and how you will incorporate their meaning into your Life.

Give thanks that you are taking the time for You!

And know that I will be with you every step of the way, using my Reflect, Renew, Refresh” journal on my Life’s journey.

Please visit my author site to get a peak and to order yours today.

KM Lewman Author Site

Thank you,




I ask questions!  I am curious!  I always have been.  Sometimes others get frustrated with my inquisitive mind.  However, it is part of me and a part that I am thankful for.  It has assisted me throughout my life (I am 64 years young!) and has contributed to my success, both professionally and personally.

Are you curious?  Be thankful.  Never stop trying to understand what makes things and people work.

In sales, trainers emphasize asking open ended questions.  “Who, What, Why, How, When, Where.” All these help the sales associate identify the issues, concerns and requests of the customer.  They solicit a response other than just a “Yes” or “No.”

I have found that by understanding the reason behind a decision, a request, or a belief; I can make a better commitment to support it or not.

So go ahead and probe deeper with your questions.

Be curious!

Be inquisitive!

Be you!

With light and love,





Being Inspired

20LagunaBeach copy

I give thanks to live by the ocean and experience it’s beauty and magnificence every day. I love the sound of waves crashing against the rocks. I love the constant changes to the tides and the beaches. I love seeing the seagulls, the pelicans, the dolphins, the seals, and sometimes the whales in the water. For me, being by the ocean is my “Energy Field”.  Some people gravitate towards the mountains, some to the lakes, some to farm land, others to the cities. Wherever your place is, never take it for granted.  Give thanks for its beauty, its ability to nourish you and inspire you.  Life gets busy.  We sometimes forget to take the time to do what is important for ourselves.  However it is a commitment that I attempt to live by.  By nourishing myself, I can then be happier, live with more joy, and share that feeling with everyone I interact with.

Be inspired!