Why I decided to write and share my experiences!

Having held key executive positions in the Retail and Beauty industry for many years and now being an independent consultant, I know how important it is to motivate, positively nourish and support everyone we interact with.  Including ourselves!

During my cancer recovery 13 years ago, I so looked forward to my daily notes from my husband to keep me in a positive frame of mind so that I could completely heal.  I truly felt that others could also benefit from daily inspirations. So I decided that when I had some free time, I would devote my energies to creating inspiring gift books to uplift, motivate, encourage and give hope to those going through challenging times.


I have published 2 books for you to enjoy.  Excerpts will be included here on my blog.

However please also visit my author site at:


I currently live in Monarch Beach, CA with the love of my life; my partner and husband.  We refresh and recharge by enjoying daily runs and hikes along the beach, watching the waves, being in nature and being grateful.

To your continued health and well-being.

Karen Marie