Being Tested

Have you ever felt like the world is against you?
Things happen that come out of nowhere and totally challenge your faith?
Did you want to crawl under the covers and pray it would all go away? Or twitch your nose like Bewitched?
Did you have a breakdown, a meltdown, a total sobbing session?

Well I have this past week.
I usually am a very private person, I focus on the positive. I love life and give thanks for being alive and well. However this week I have been rattled, shaken, and challenged. I ask myself “Will I get through this? Will I get stronger? Or will it break me?  I choose to get stronger and get to the other side.

For that is how I deal with things. I look at the situation and ask questions to find answers, to find the solution, to look at options that are available. I probably want to control, however I realize that I cannot. But I can choose how I deal with it all. Will I give in, give up? Maybe for a little bit. Then I take a deep breath, regroup and shift into overdrive to resolve it, finding the best way to handle it. And during it all, I continue to give thanks for my life. For the good far outweighs the bad.

The details.
My husband we believe was bit by an insect on a run last Thursday. It was a pretty windy day and I even had sand get into my nose. That evening, there was a skin irritation under his right eye and a small spot by his nose. By Friday, it had swelled considerably and he only wanted to sleep. By Saturday morning, the inflamation was worse, so off to Urgent Care we go. After starting oral antibiotics that evening, we thought it would improve. Unfortunately, it did not. 
Monday morning, back to his doctor we go, who sent us to ER. After spending all day, (Who knew that Mondays are the busiest day of the week in ER!) he was given stronger IV antibiotics and admitted into the hospital. Dealing with an unknown infection, various antibiotics were administered until the right mix worked. His skin had become quite inflamed. The right side of his face was swollen, red and had blisters. He was in the hospital until Friday when I brought him home.
It will take a few weeks as his skin slowly heals as we continue on antibiotics. All he wants to do is sleep and make it go away. I wish I could grant his wish. I can though do everything in my power to make him comfortable as the healing continues.

Then to top it off, Friday evening, the day I brought him home, our hot water heater went out!  I YouTubed how to reset it, but when a flash and pop sound came out of the bottom, I turned off everything. Fortunately we were able to get a tech over Saturday, and a replacement tank is being installed.

Over this week, I have kept myself strong by devoting more time to my running, strength training, yoga, meditation, reading, praying and listening to music. I have been comforted and nourished by keeping my regime intact. Finding the calm within the storm around me.

However I am being flexible as my priority is to assist my husband in the healing process. He was there for me during my cancer 16 plus years ago. I want to be with him now when he needs all the love, prayers and wishes for a complete recovery. 

As we face challenges in Life, we have a choice on how to best deal with them. But deal with them we must for they will not magically go away. That’s what we do. We help each other. We are there for each other. I was so moved by friends who prayed with me this week after asking where he was while out running on the beach or in the neighborhood. So many have sent their wishes and prayers via text, call or email. We are grateful and thankful and feel the love.

It makes a world of difference! By sharing this, I wish to encourage us all to be kind, be compassionate, be loving. Help each other. For we really do not know what someone is going through. Let’s assist one another in finding their inner strength.

I give thanks.
With Light and Love and Strength.


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