Petco’s Approach to Whole Health!

Have you seen the Petco commercial “It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets? A New Approach to Whole Health!” The first time I saw it, I was a bit startled. It is truly revolutionary and gives one food for thought on not only our pet’s health, but our own. One line in the commercial really calls out to me. “Our physical, social and mental health all cared for in one place!” Another line states that Petco is now a Health and Wellness Company. The framework consists of five interconnected dimensions of pet health – physical health, mental health, social health, home health and accessible health – created with the focus to improve pet well-being. 

According to Petco, their philosophy is to help pet parents go beyond the basics to provide their pets with full, rewarding lives focusing on total pet wellbeing. The fresh, creative campaign is intended to educate and motivate pet parents to consider their pets’ whole health. According to Tariq Hassan, Petco Chief Marketing Officer, “The Whole Health philosophy is at the core of our journey from pet specialty retailer to a 360-degree health and wellness partner. We know pet parents want to do the best for their pets; they just need support to know how. This provides a clear framework for pet parents to act in the best interest of their pets, further defines our mission to improve lives for pets and pet parents, and sets a baseline for what’s to come from Petco in the health and wellness space.”

This strategy has application to our own health and wellbeing as well. By providing education and resources needed for our pet’s health, it causes one to reflect on how we are taking care of our own and our children’s lives. And we can always improve by learning new ways, new insights, new thinking, new habits – if we are open to them. For we all desire to live a healthy, long and fulfilled life. 

So, if you have not seen the commercial, I invite you to watch it or find it on You Tube. Let the message in. Hear what is being said. 

Take the time to assess how you are doing in the 5 key areas of:
Physical Health – Providing the nutrition, activity and preventive care that keeps you, your family and your pets fit inside and out. 
Mental Health – Ensuring you, your family and pets can lead joyful, enriching lives free from boredom and anxiety.
Social Health – Nurturing yourself, your family and pets to feel confident and comfortable around other animals and humans. 
Home Health – Creating safe, stimulating environments where you, your family and pets feel like they belong. 
Accessible Health – Getting affordable, convenient access to everything you, your family and your pets need to live their best lives.

Interesting that a pet commercial is creating so much buzz, in a positive, encouraging way, to improve not just our pets lives, but all of our lives. We only need to listen, learn, be accountable and take the necessary steps to ensure our total wellbeing. It is our choice. Choose wisely!

With Light and Love and Whole Health for All,


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