Be Like a Squirrel!

This past week we have enjoyed watching a squirrel in our backyard scurrying about, climbing up and down the side wall, the trees, standing up on hind legs, shaking his tail and munching on peanuts. I became curious after a few days as we had not been aware of them before. What does it mean? For you know, life presents messages, signals and encounters for a reason. As long as we remain aware, we can identify them. Let’s explore what the squirrels can mean!

Squirrels symbolize energy, practicality, and playfulness. They teach us work-life balance by showing us how they playfully collect nuts, all the while keeping up with playful antics. A squirrel literally seems to be telling us, “you need to have more fun in your life!.” 

Squirrels are also a symbol of preparedness. They indicate saving up for a rainy day. You can always see them stocking up on nuts for the cold, dark winter days ahead and then coming back to find them. Therefore, seeing a squirrel could mean that you must invest in your present for a better tomorrow. It may mean working, hard, or even multi-tasking for a better future.

Squirrels are also playful by nature. You will always see them chasing their friends, jumping up and down a tree, and engaging in other playful antics. So, seeing a squirrel in your dreams could be an indication that you will soon meet your friends. 

Alternatively, it might mean that you are working too hard, are too serious, or that you need to relax a bit and have some fun.

Squirrels also represent an abundance of money, food, warmth, love, health, comfort, and rest. They are a good representation of hard work and determination. Seeing one means: no dilly-dallying around – we need to focus on getting the job done!

The squirrel’s messages are so timely and appropriate. They are all relevant in times like now. And I especially love the one about having FUN!

Considering all we have been through this past year, the tendency was to become more serious, concerned, worried, frustrated, fearful, scared and stressed out. However, in order to recover from all that, what we need to do is recharge, refresh and renew ourselves by following squirrel wisdom: Be more playful, find joy, prepare for tomorrow but live today, identify opportunities, be resourceful, find your balance, practice self care, be kind and share with others, and have FUN. Lots of it!

With Light and Love and Wisdom from the squirrels!


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