Simmer or Boil?

While running up a hill Saturday morning, a fellow runner passed us and as she did she gave my husband and I a thumbs up. We smiled and responded with a “Yes, Way to go” and a double thumbs up. Loved it. My husband commented “She’s cooking.” To which I replied “Yes, she is! I am simmering and she is boiling!” We chuckled as we continued up the hill.
I started to think about simmering and boiling and the different paces and speeds we go at in our lives.  Did I feel outpaced by her? Did I get the urge to pick it up a bit? How did I feel?
Well, to be totally honest,  I am purely thankful that I can still run, hike, do yoga, strength train and be active. At 67 and a half years young, I feel grateful and appreciative of what I can do. My focus is on participating without injury, and I intend to continue for as long as I can. To 105 or older! And I was inspired by her! 

As I reflected on my life and all my experiences, I realized that depending upon the circumstance, we make adjustments to either turn up the heat to high, or lower it to a simmer. Some things are better slow and steady while others are better fast and intense. And it is different for each of us. We could be conditioned one way until we are inspired to try another way. That is what makes us uniquely me, or you. There is no right or wrong. It really is an individual preference. 
Spicy or mild.
Sweet or salty.
Hot or cold.
White or black.
Left or right.
High or low.
Expensive or cheap.
Quality or quantity.
New or used.
Old or young.
Silver or gold.
Night or day.
Moon or sun.
Mountains or beach.
The list goes on and on. And of course, there is always the in between, the many shades of grey!

So as you go through your stages of life, savor the varying speeds, temperatures and intensities. Let others go at their own pace. You do you! 
Life is not a competition against someone else.  Or even against yourself. Today is today. Yesterday was yesterday. Tomorrow will be tomorrow. Sure, we can always improve upon our capabilities if we choose to do so. Just make sure to do it for the right reasons.
Experiment with the in betweens. Find what feels right for you.
Remember, you have control. You can decide to change it up. You can set the temperature to whatever degree you want to. Accept it. Be okay with it. Enjoy it.

With Light and Love at your own pace and temperature,




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