Life is a Lease Agreement

One morning this past week as my husband and I had our coffee, we were discussing one of our favorite topics – Life and Living. We talked about how nothing is permanent, we really never own something forever, and that change is the only constant.

My Aha thought was that Life is a Lease agreement with ourselves and we choose how long it will be for! We write the conditions, terms regarding rules, repairs and maintenance, conduct, health, safety, security, restrictions and limitations. We decide everything. How long do you want to live for? How do you want to feel? 

In an article by the American Philosophical Association, Jake Gray wrote that ancient philosophers like Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and Montaigne taught him that life is a lease contract. It is something we borrow and return, not an eternal gift, so we must make a concerted effort to use it wisely. Think about the brevity of life so as not to waste any of it.

So as you draft your lease agreement for your Life, be specific. Cover all the bases. Write it down. Sign it. Date it. Create a vision board of how you see your life unfolding. As with any agreement, to ensure compliance, reread and make sure you understand all the terms. All the consequences. All the domino effects. For every action has a reaction. 

As you go through your life you will find yourself making adjustments and creating amendments. That is perfectly fine. Things change. Circumstances change. What we wanted at one point in life, is no longer needed or necessary. Our needs, wants, ambitions, and desires change. Has anything stopped working completely or in need of repair? Are you abiding by the rules? Have you been making your payments in full and on time? Do you need an extension? Are you fueling your body with proper nutrition, rest, exercise, mental stimulation, right thinking, acting and being, and spirituality? They are all currency used on your lease. 

Take the time to assess where you are and how you are doing. Be honest. Dig deep. The only way to fine tune and improve oneself is to become aware and acknowledge your current state. Accept it. Then you can course correct.

With Light and Love and a Long, Healthy and Happy Lease Agreement,



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  1. 🌟 Another outstanding sharing Sweetheart. You are creatively gifted with ideas and insights that give insightful meaning to Life. ❣️ Sooo much Love for you.

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