Writing Things Down

I like to be organized and focused. I am determined and persistent to achieve what I set out to do. Sometimes though I need some help. So what do I do? I write it down!
Putting thoughts to paper, adding an event or appointment to my calendar,  or keying into my Notes app helps me focus and see things clearly. Whether it is a To Do list, a grocery list, a schedule of activities, or a Goals and Objectives Vision Board, it helps me to see it. Sometimes it’s on a sticky post it note, sometimes it’s on a column pad (remember those?) and sometimes it’s on both!

For example, Monday of this upcoming week is a busy one. It includes a monthly landscape committee walk in the community and the HOA Board of Directors Zoom call of which I am part of. The two appointments add 3 hours to my day (not including prep). So in order to accomplish everything I want to do and not become overwhelmed, I mapped out my day so that I could also have me time for running, strength training with weights, my yoga session, and coffee time with my husband. I felt relieved once I listed everything into its designated timeslot. Stress gone! I realized I can get it all done. Yes! 

Since retiring, I have a much more flexible and fluid schedule. And I love that. I realize not everyone is at the same stage in life and may not be able to do as I do,  however it was a written down goal to retire early and enjoy Life and Living more. And here we are!

I do still schedule and map out my days, with the greater emphasis on self care. When I feel good, I am better able to assist and be there for others. I like having a guideline and a map, and occasionally find the detours more exciting than the original path. 

I enjoy time to read, write, exercise, work on home projects, gardening, and trying out new recipes.  I love spending time with my husband running, hiking and having play dates. 

Some people find writing things down to be cumbersome, a waste of time, or not necessary.  We all have varying approaches and process information differently. However the end goal is the same. Accomplishment. Success. A check mark that it was done.  So if you can remember it all and do it all while remaining calm and not stressed, good for you. Do what works best for you. And if you need some encouragement on writing it down instead, here are 8 Powerful Benefits of writing things down from the coaching site Productive and Free:

  1. Helps you record and retain everything that has your attention 
  2. Clears your mind to allow for creativity and imagination
  3. Helps clarify your goals, priorities and intentions
  4. Keeps you motivated
  5. Helps you recognize and process your emotions
  6. Encourages daily progress
  7. Enables a higher level of thinking, resulting in more focused action
  8. Develops your sense of gratitude

You will also be in the company of highly productive and successful industry leaders who also write things down in one way or another:

  • Richard Branson, entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group
  • David Allen, productivity consultant and author of Getting Things Done
  • Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and author of Awaken the Giant Within
  • Oprah, media giant and former talk show host of the Oprah Winfrey Show
  • JK Rowling, novelist and author of the Harry Potter series

So here’s to your continued success in achieving all you set out to do with the help of writing it down!

With Light and Love 

I would love to hear your feedback!

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