Spring Cleaning

Time to get out the cleaners, dusters, windex, garbage bags and more! Spring Cleaning time is upon us. Longer days inspire us to refresh and renew our surroundings. It is the start of new beginnings. It is the perfect time to clean out what no longer serves us. Usually that means cleaning out closets, cleaning windows, lightening up our decor from darker and heavier fabrics and tones, and spending time in the outdoors planting and gardening.

Let the fun begin! However do not stop there.

I invite you to also spend time clearing out your Mind. What? Yes. Clear your mind of old thoughts that are not productive, positive, encouraging, uplifting, or ones that do not support your goals, ambitions, desires and intentions.

I am sure over this past year all of us have allowed ourselves to either not look at or ignore the cobwebs that have grown within us and in the corners of our homes. We could be feeling confused, disoriented, lethargic, hesitant or just plain lazy. 

Time to do a clean sweep! It is uplifting to freshen up our world, inside and out. We have been through so much this past year that we need a refresh. The lessons we have learned and the adjustments we have all made have been life altering. We are realizing what is truly important:
Self Care
Joy and Happiness
The Right Attitude
Friends and Family
Doing good for ourself and for others
The simple and small things hold the most significance
The Beauty of Nature

One of my key focuses has been and will continue to be on Self Care. Many commercials and ads are now speaking to its importance. That is a good thing. For too long self care inferred selfishness, luxury, a frivolous pastime. However, the truth is one can only take care of others and help when we are at our best. We are 100% accountable and responsible for ourselves. No one else. 

Mental health has also been brought to the forefront. There are apps to help, toll free numbers to call and speak with someone, articles, books, podcasts, and more that can guide you and offer assistance. It is no longer a silent, hidden or shame related disease. Help is available. With resources and innovative solutions being imagined every day, we can all thrive, not just survive.

So during this time of renewal, clear out the old, bring in the new, embrace change, be flexible and adjustable, and take the time to clear out all the cobwebs in your house and in your mind.

With Light and Love and a Cleaner House, inside and out!


4 Comments on “Spring Cleaning

  1. 🌟 Yet another outstanding sharing Sweetheart. Your creativity and excellence as a writer is off the charts. ❣️ Love You Precious.

  2. I took my almost 4 year old to the park today and to see her pure joy was indescribable. I wanted to take her to the river which is only a few minutes walking distance but she just wanted the park. It was peaceful and spring is definitely among us. I repotted plants today and I am a very new mama to plants. I’m doing my best to see them thrive and survive as I am.


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