My 24 Hour Unplugging Experience

This weekend I participated in National Day of Unplugging. My husband decided to also share in the silence and we both disconnected from using our laptops, phone, iPad, TV. etc. The only device we agreed to keep on was the iPod which keeps music on throughout the house.

I would like to share with you our experience. We unplugged from Friday 5pm till Sat 5pm. Friday night we made sure our devices were turned off and out of sight. I had accumulated a few magazines and items I wanted to read, so I was prepared. My husband was geared up to select what called to him from our library. 

Being in the quiet, casually reading, was a very relaxing and thought provoking time. I sensed myself slowing down, really getting into the articles and hearing the words. I paused and really reflected on what was written. I always find insights that are meaningful to me from a variety of sources. My husband read a little and then was organizing and clearing out files in the office. Sometimes we would get an urge to “google” something that we read or found, however that would wait until after the unplugging.

As it approached 9pm, I was ready for a good night’s sleep. And indeed it was! Even though I consider myself a sound sleeper, this felt deeper. Before drifting off, I said my affirmations and gave thanks for the day. Upon awakening, I said my morning affirmations and set my intentions for the day. I woke around 7am.

My husband also felt refreshed from a great night’s sleep. He commented that he was so enjoying the quiet and the peace. No distractions or frustrations from news outlets, no social media engagement, no emails, no texts. Just being. 

After enjoying our morning coffee together, we went our separate ways for a while and organized files and cleared out paper. We decided to go out on our run and hike a little earlier than usual. We had time since we were not on our devices which could be for an hour or so in the morning. 

Around 10:30, we ventured out. Our outing took us by the beaches, along a hilltop park, up 100 steps and down a trail back to run on the sand. The tide was low and the beaches wide. It was perfect!

We were out about 2+ hours and felt great. Usually after our run, we have a snack and my husband would look at news and sports on his iPad. Not today! He read the local news flyer. After stretching and showering, we enjoyed our weekend coffee together. We talked. We listened. We shared some of our readings and insights. True, we usually do this anyway without unplugging, however we both felt more in tune, in sync and calm. We even chuckled about the Wow moment on the trail showing how in sync we felt. I was thinking about sending a note to someone and then he immediately said the same thing! 

Around 3pm, I decided to go through my closet and identify some clothes for donation. It is always amazing what I find. I love shopping in my closet! However I know there are still some business clothes that I will never wear again. Somethings are harder than others to let go of……. 
While I went through the closet, my husband took a short well deserved nap. Though he usually listens to music, he chose to just be in the silence.

Around 4:30, with a half hour to go, I prepped the yoga studio.( that is our den which serves many purposes throughout the day from den, to the reading and writing room, to the gym, to the yoga studio) I then prepped a few things for dinner before my class. 

5pm rolled around and I was so excited. I was very mindful that as I turned on my iPad and went to the website, I did not look to see how many emails were there, texts, or other things. I just went to my class. And I made sure after class, I closed my iPad. I have learned that to remain in the calm and peaceful state of mind after my yoga practice,  I do not look at emails, social media, the news or anything else. I wish to remain in the zone.

Interesting that after dinner, I chose to stay partially disconnected, except to watch a short film on the book, “As a Man Thinketh,” by James Allen. I decided to wait until Sunday to totally reconnect and plug in!

In summary, my husband and I realized the calming benefits of unplugging: the peace and quiet, the disappearance of mind chatter.  We enjoyed it so much that we intend to do so the first weekend of each month. I invite you to try it for yourself. A good friend of my husbands also participated. Joe told me he refrained from checking emails and did not listen to the news. He did watch a few TV shows, read the newspaper and worked on one of his books as he is a well published author. That was how he chose to unplug. You can still benefit from a partial unplugging versus 100%. Choose what you feel comfortable with.

With Light and Love and a Calm Mind,


2 Comments on “My 24 Hour Unplugging Experience

  1. Hi Beautiful soul,

    I am absolutely going to do this. I have several books waiting on me to read and I am working diligently on healing from trauma. I think I’ll do this Thursday-Friday of this week. Love you both so much.


    • Let me know how it goes. We decided to do the first Friday night till Saturday night each month! Hugs and Love

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