Daily Bread

Recently, I received an email from a very special friend and former boss who simply said, “I appreciate your Daily Bread!” I was touched. MZ is always forthright and honest with his comments as I have also received ones that have said, “this is BS!”

Even when we have different opinions and feelings, we can still share and remain friends. I guess that is a perfect example of how to interact with everyone we know or meet. We may not always agree, however we can still discuss, agree to disagree, and move forward.

I enjoy sharing my Daily Bread with others. After publishing 2 inspirational books a few years ago, I have continued with my weekly posts as well as sharing the inspirational and positive FB posts of groups and others I receive.  I feel that if I get benefit from it, others can also have that opportunity.

One never really knows the impact one has on others. Or what a smile, a glance, a kind word or behavior will do for another. I just know how important it is for me to nourish myself with my daily bread. It sets the tone for the day. It penetrates by being and grounds me. Calms me. Inspires me. Saying my affirmations and reading inspiring work puts me in the best frame of mind to tackle anything and everything.

Don’t we all need that kind of Daily Bread or nourishment?  We need sustenance to live, to thrive, to be alive and well. That does not mean just the food we eat. It is thoughts we think, the feelings we have, our self talk, the people around us, the habits we form, the music we listen to, the projects or hobbies we take on, the language we use, the home, office, or other space we live in and sometimes share with others, the entertainment we enjoy. All of this nourishes our entire being, it is our Daily Bread. And depending upon the type of your Daily Bread, it can either nourish you and enliven you, or make you feel not so good. It is your choice. 

There are all kinds of flavors: Whole wheat, rye, sourdough, gluten free, multi grain, rosemary olive, sweet bread, soda bread, yeast free bread, savory bread, the list goes on and on. So what kind of Daily Bread are you serving yourself with the thoughts you think, what you listen to, what you engage in, what you surround yourself with? How does it all make you feel?  Negative, Angry, Lonely, Sad, Resentful, Depressed, Regretful, Revengeful, Mad, Unsuccessful, Envious, Jealous? Or does it make you feel Empowered, Enlivened, Successful, Happy, Joyous, Upbeat, Enriched, Nourished, Positive, Loved, Compassionate, Kind, Helpful, Thoughtful and Grateful?

What we focus on and involve ourselves with impacts everything we do, everything we are and everything we become.

We have the choices available to pick the best for us. We all have different likes, dislikes and preferences. And that is okay as long as it is beneficial for you. You have the power to choose. So sample it all and then decide what is best for you.

With Light and Love and a slice of Daily Bread,



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