Love is in the Air

As we are entering February, the month of Valentines Day, I feel we need to not only focus on a love for our spouse, partner, lover, friend, soulmate, but also for our own Self.

Some may think that seems selfish and self centered. I consider it of utmost importance to lead a Life worth living. For it is only when I feel my best that I can then give to others. I am not sure whether we as women feel it is our responsibility and our role to take care of others first. Or that if we do not, we are less than. Not the healthiest feeling. The guilt, the should, the have to, the just because……. Let it all go! Be You! Do You! 

I understand how torn some of you are, especially considering the times we are living in. That is all the more reason to practice Self-Love and Self-Care. I have seen many more articles regarding this topic than ever before. In fact one article I read spoke about taking care of oneself, pampering oneself, loving oneself, is really a form of self maintenance, not a luxury meant for a select few. This body, this soul, this heart, this mind, this being, YOU, is in need of your attention all the time. We are responsible for its upkeep.

Those of you that have read my posts for a while may recall that I learned this lesson early on in my teens from a friend of my older brother. I was feeling guilty about wanting to do something for myself instead of participating in something with my family. He looked at me straight in the eyes and right to my heart, and said, “Karen, if you do not take care of yourself, who will?” WOW! I was so moved by what he said. I have continued to live my life holding that statement dear. It has influenced my decisions in many ways – however sometimes I have not paid attention and learned the lesson. The hard way. I am sure we have all been there.

So this Valentine’s Day make it also about you!  While it does hold a special place for lovers, it’s meant for everyone. It’s not just a day for passion. It’s a day to lift others out of the cold drab of February and warm them with a dash or more of your kindness and attention, remembering to start with yourself. LOVE Yourself. Hug yourself. Give yourself flowers! Chocolates! A Glass of Wine! Go on a walk, a run, practice yoga, do what you want to do for you. And then after caring for yourself, share your Love. Share your kindness. Show your compassion. Smile. Be nice to others. 

Happy Valentines Day to one and all and to Yourself!❤️

With Light and Love Love Love,


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