A New Meaning for DBA

DBA is known as the acronym for “doing business as.” It relates to a business that operates using a name that is different from the owner’s name or from the legal name of the partnership, LLC, or corporation. 

However, I recently learned of a different way the acronym could be used by all of us. And what a great tool it is as we embark on a New Year.
It is the theme for the 2021 Pasadena Rose Parade. Since the parade as we have known it was virtually reimagined due to the Covid restrictions and safety guidelines, it was decided to carry over the theme into 2022. The theme is:
Dream. Believe. Achieve! 

Although the theme references the Pasadena Tournament of Roses commitment to celebrating education’s ability to open doors, open minds and change lives, it presents a great acronym for us all. 

These three words have powerful meanings that we all can benefit from and incorporate into our daily lives. Let’s look at each word individually.

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams are not fully understood, although they have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout history. Dream interpretation is the attempt at drawing meaning from dreams and searching for an underlying message.
Opinions about the meaning of dreams have varied and shifted through time and culture. From Freudian’s theory that dreams reveal insight into hidden desires and emotions, theories suggesting dreams assist in memory formation, problem solving, or simply random brain activation, to the theory that dreams are a connection to the unconscious mind. Dreams can have varying natures, such as being frightening, exciting, magical, melancholic, adventurous, or sexual. Dreams can at times make a creative thought occur to the person or give a sense of inspiration.

Believe comes from old German words meaning to have trust. 
Belief doesn’t require proof, just acceptance. 
To believe can mean having confidence. If you believe in me, you think I can do what I set out to do.
Believe can also mean to think that something is true, correct or real. Think that a fact is true. Have opinion about what is true or likely. Accept as true.
Have faith or confidence in the existence or reliability of something.
A strong belief in yourself can bring you many benefits: ​You recognize your ability to accomplish goals. ​You’re optimistic about the future as you set goals and achieve them. ​Deep down inside, you know you can do anything.
Believing in yourself affects everything you do. Everything. From your professional life to your personal life to your solitary life. In your relationship with yourself and in your relationships with others, both personally and professionally. In the choices you make and in the dreams you dream. How you view yourself, how you measure your value, how you assess your potential and how you determine your worth all combine to create the life you will live.

Successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective, level, or result) by effort, skill, or courage.
Carry out successfullyAccomplish, attain the result, reach your objective
Conclude, bring about, win, manage, obtain, attain, work out, accomplish, end, enact, do, complete, reach, produce, gain, realize, earn, resolve, settle, solve.

Success magazine published an article in 2017: 7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream
Step 1: Dream it. Everything begins in the heart and mind. … 
Step 2: Believe it. Yes, your dream needs to be big. … 
Step 3: See it. The great achievers have a habit. … 
Step 4: Tell it. One reason many dreams never go anywhere is because the dreamer keeps it all to himself. … 
Step 5: Plan it. … 
Step 6: Work it. … 
Step 7: Enjoy it.

Dream  Believe  Achieve or DBA has also been written about by Ed DeCosta, one of the most engaging executive coaches and thought leaders of our time. Here are some excerpts from How can you become the best possible version of you? 

Step 1  Dream
Begin with dreaming (conceptualizing). You have to think about it, and feel it first. You have to think about what it is you want to achieve. Not only do you make those commitments and focus on what they are, you need to understand why it is important to you. The “why” is a step that you would be foolish to skip, because if you don’t think about and really fantasize about how it will feel when you do the things you put down on your plan, then you are likely to lose momentum. You are likely to lose the enthusiasm that you generate during the planning process.

Step 2  Believe
Believe you have to have high enough self-esteem. And if you don’t? You can get it from elsewhere. Borrow others’ belief in you.
Ultimately, it has to rest inside of you. You have to understand your destiny, your fate, your potential, and what your purpose is. You must believe that, with the right level of effort sustained over a significant period of time, you can, in fact, do it. Be inspired by other people who have overcome bigger obstacles than you are facing. Most likely, you will be able to find them. But you have to believe you can do it.

Step 3  Achieve
Once you’ve dreamed it, and believe it, then set concrete goals to actually achieve it. Break it down by quarter, month, week, day, and, literally, by the hour. Use timers, create a vision board as the physical representation – a manifestation – of what your goal is.
Do you want to manifest your own destiny? It has to start in your heart, then go to your head, and then get reduced to paper. Once you do that, you are well on your way to achieving the kind of results and the kind of life you want.

The Tournament of Roses, Success magazine, and Ed DeCosta have all tapped into the power of Dream  Believe  Achieve or DBA. Now it is your turn.

With Light and Love and DBA,




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