It’s a New Day…a New Year…a New Beginning

I have read many articles, posts, headlines and comments these last few days about ways to kickoff 2021.

So many varying thoughts on whether or not to make resolutions, set goals, define your intentions, create your vision board, set your priorities, write in a journal, do yoga, meditate, exercise, eat healthier, practice self care, and so on.

Who is right? Well, it all depends on you. What feels right for you. Identify what will work for you. And so important, for all 365 days of the year. Not just a week, not just a month, but for the entire year. 

During the month of January, I usually encounter more runners on the beach that are not familiar faces. These are the newcomers that have made a New Year’s resolution to be more active. I applaud them and do wonder how long I will see them. No surprise that when February rolls around, most of them are no longer out there. What happened? For whatever reason, their commitment could not be sustained. I do hope though they find the activity that is right for them, for we all benefit from daily exercise (physical, mental and spiritual).

Take the time to reflect on 2020. What did you learn? Yes, we all were dealing with so many negative and disturbing issues; Covid, racial injustice, political unrest, police brutality, the economy, the election, unemployment, wildfires and other climate related disasters. However, we survived. We are getting to the other side. In a way, we were forced to develop greater resilience, persistence, determination and resolve. And while many felt paralyzed and unable to cope, others prospered, succeeded and started new ventures, learned new skills and sought out ways to be culturally entertained. 

I think we should pat ourselves on the back. Difficulties that we overcome do make us stronger. We realize what is truly important. Personally, being a cancer survivor of what will be 16 years in March, I am grateful for each day of living. I give thanks for the natural beauty around me, for a loving partner that encourages me, inspires me, and challenges me. For friends and family. For all the experiences of my Life up to this point and still to come. I never want to not appreciate the gift of Life.

During the past year, I have also heard and read more people talking about kindness, compassion, Love for self and Love for others, respect, peace, and harmony. Collectively, this energy will continue to gain strength and impact all of us.  For regardless of whether we agree with someone else, they deserve as you do to feel respected and accepted. 

So however you decide to make 2021 your Best Year Ever, begin the journey. Continue to evolve. Continue to seek out adventures and experiences that will enhance your Life to be the Best you that you can be. Even though we are still working through all the issues that developed in 2020, adventures and experiences are still available. It just takes a little creativity, imagination, technology and your willingness to be open to the possibilities. 

With Light and Love and wishes for your incredible journey into 2021.



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