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Sending you Holiday greetings this year from No Place Like Home! And this shot was perfect to capture the moment. As we took our walk Sunday on the beach, we got to see someone’s artistic expression. How beautiful it was and it brought so much joy to everyone.

Usually, during this time of year we enjoy spending quiet time somewhere in the world experiencing new and different cultures, traditions and celebrating Life, Love, Peace and Joy. I love quiet time during the holidays, especially since during my retail career that was not an option till after the New Year. When we travel, I enjoy making an album of the best photos and usually share with family and friends via Shutterfly or Snapfish. In addition, we would select a few shots for our Christmas cards.
However this year, although no travel photos, lots of wishes coming your way.
I have used Paper Culture for many years for our photo cards. They are a wonderful company that uses post-consumer recycled paper and plants a tree for every order. Over 1 million trees planted and counting! They also do non-photo cards of which I ordered this year.

When not traveling during the holidays, I look forward to decorating our home. This week, on went the Christmas music, then out came the poinsettias and wreaths. Then our holiday ornaments, stuffed animals, lights, stockings, holiday scented candles and diffusers, reindeer, toy soldiers, nutcrackers, Santa’s and sleighs. Took a breather for a day and then this morning put up our 3 foot table top wrought iron Christmas tree filled with an incredible array of handmade, old and new ornaments. So many wonderful and cherished treasures. All bringing us joy and love. I do realize that some of you may not agree with our choice of trees. However we have done the real trees and after one that leaked on the white rug, that was it. I also like the uniqueness of the wrought iron with the spiral stems that truly showcase the decorations. Do what works for you and your family. 

So however you choose to celebrate the Holidays, do celebrate. Yes, they are different. Yes, one can feel sad and disconnected from loved ones. One may even think not to decorate or celebrate at all. For what? Why? 
I say Do it for you! Do it for the feeling of joy and happiness and Love. Do it because it will make you feel more alive and well. Because You are Worth it!

With Light and Love and Holiday Cheer,


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  1. ☀️ Soon you will be up and the coffee will begin brewing, the Christmas lights will be turned on, the music will start flowing through the house, the fireplace will be lit and our day begins. I am filled with Love, Joy, and gratitude for you Sweetheart. ❣️

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