Here’s to Travel Adventures Again

Keep believing! Keep visualizing! Keep dreaming! Keep your goals in mind!

If you have a passion for travel and adventure as I do, this year has not been easy. Most of us have been unable to pack up and explore the world. Am I antsy to go? Yes I am. And since I use services like Snapfish and Shuttefly to produce travel booklets, I have been receiving emails with our photos reminding me of our incredible explorations. However the time is not right yet for me. I do feel though that we are closer to the end of the tunnel and I see some light breaking through. This is the time we need to dig deep and bring forth our courage, strength, and determination to get to the other side. And we will get there!

At this time of year, my husband and I would be somewhere on holiday. From the Arctic, Bhutan, Argentina and Chile, to Singapore, Hong Kong and so many more places – we have experienced the Holiday season all around the world. I miss that. This year, our plans would have taken us to the Antarctic. As disappointed as we are not to go, we are grateful to live in a beach community that feels like being on vacation all year round!  Am I a bit disappointed by not traveling? Yes. However being safe and remaining healthy is our top priority. And it should be everyones. No exceptions. We are in this together. The way we behave and conduct ourselves, impacts everyone around us. 

So let’s be smart. Let’s be careful. Follow the protocols. Wear a mask when directed to do so, keep your distance, wash your hands and use hand sanitizers. Keep to yourself for your protection and for others. However, continue to socialize via Zoom, calls, texts, cards, and socially distanced conversations when out and about. Stay healthy by exercising outdoors. Go for a walk, a bicycle ride, a run, surf, practice yoga. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature all around. It is so healing and necessary for our mental state of being. And good for our immune system as well. Practice self care. Take your vitamins. Take a nap. Luxuriate in a bath. Have some tea. Get proper rest. Meditate. 

Nourish yourself with fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, and other healthy foods. Of course, desserts can be enjoyed in moderation.  Mine would be liquers in my coffee on weekends, dark chocolate avocado mousse, nut butters,  and a few other indulgences. I savor every sip and bite!  I look forward to enjoying them.

I know that one day we will realize our Antarctic adventure. Until then I will continue to visualize it. Dream it. Believe it will come true and continue having the Faith. I will focus on what will be and what I will create. I will focus on what I can control, not what is happening around me.

I invite you to do the same. Keep imagining your future the way you want it to be. 

With Light and Love and New Travel Adventures. Looking forward to hearing all about yours!




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