Roadrunner Meaning and Messages

A few weeks ago, upon returning home from our run, my husband Charles and I noticed a roadrunner on our front walkway. We were surprised and delighted. We watched in awe as the bird strutted across and then flew up onto our roof. 
This was the second time we have seen one by our property in the seven plus years we have been here. We live by the coast, not in the desert, however we have had some dry, low humidity, very warm days. Seeing the roadrunner was truly very special.

Of course, I wanted to better understand the symbolism it signified for us. So off to Google I went!

Roadrunner spirit is a positive force that reminds people of happiness and joy. They are inquisitive, quick witted, intuitive, funny, serious, playful, caring and above all, fearless.

They symbolize intelligence and courage with an ability to face dangers and difficulties with a positive attitude. In some cases, Roadrunner symbolism is encouraging you to take quick action on your ideas, reminding you that you possess the knowledge, wisdom, and wits to see everything through to its finish. 

Roadrunners radiate optimism and good vibrations, helping us achieve our goals by listening to both our instincts and mind. Roadrunners also bring luck and fortune.

Seems like the roadrunner knew exactly what I needed to be reminded of and practice more of. I attempt to live my life from a healthy and positive state of mind. I am thankful to be alive, healthy and happy, however it can be challenging during these troubled times. And even though the chaos of the world can dampen one’s spirit, and cause one to pause and not take action, I prefer to remain optimistic and keep going. My resilience and drive to achieve what I set out to do propels me forward. I have always believed that being born premature instilled in me that desire to thrive against all and any odds. And later in life, when faced with cancer, I was determined to survive. And now, 15 and a half years later, I am so thankful to still be here, alive and well. 

My nature is to be compassionate, caring, and kind. I try to be diplomatic in dealing with others. I feel energy around me and am sensitive to the vibrations that we all give out. Therefore, I protect myself with my zipped up bubble when I encounter those that are negative, rude, or mindless. 

I am grateful and thankful to be in a loving and compassionate relationship with my husband for almost 39 years in Dec. I have had a successful career and am now enjoying more free, unstructured time at the beach and focusing on staying healthy, strong and happy. I love to travel, and although it has been curtailed this year, we look forward to resuming our passion to experience the world and all it offers. I do not take Life for granted. I am truly blessed. 

As we approach Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on your blessings. Clear out the rubbish and noise that distracts from seeing the real you and the beauty that does exist all around us. And like the roadrunner, radiate optimism, be joyful and happy, be caring, be playful and be fearless. Bring your positive energy everywhere you go, practicing loving kindness to yourself and then to others.

Allow the reminders of the roadrunner to enliven and inspire your spirit.

Happy Thanksgiving,
With Light and Love and Roadrunner Wisdom,


4 Comments on “Roadrunner Meaning and Messages

  1. A week late but better late than never. I personally had some hard lessons to learn this holiday. I am back on my road ready to bring joy to others and inspiration. This was a fabulous blog and as always I loved reading it.

    Love to you and Charles!


    Kelly 🐛🦋

    • Holidays are challenging for a lot of us. Even when we get off track, always know you can find your way again. Detours happen. Glad you are back.
      Hugs and Love, Karen

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