My Hybrid Life

Yesterday, during afternoon coffee with my husband Charles, we were discussing how everyone’s life has been impacted with everything that is happening in the world today – Covid 19, racial injustice, inequality, financial stresses, politics and global warming, to name a few. The term that came to me was our new life is a Hybrid.

A Hybrid is a mixture of different elements, composed of a variety of parts and components. Like a hybrid car that runs on gas and electricity. A hybrid e bike that uses manpower and a battery assist. Hybrid education that involves limited face to face classroom attendance and online interactive sessions. Another example would be a new breed of rose grown from 2 different species, or a new apple variety. In most cases, a hybrid is an improvement to what was, a better way, a more effective, efficient, and productive way that satisfies a need.

We are all searching and seeking understanding of how our Life will be changed, improved, different, enhanced, adapted to the new reality. We start by reviewing pre pandemic behaviours and then identify what will need to change post pandemic. We have to accept the fact that we will not go back to how things were. Period. End of statement. It is time to move on and start creating, mixing and blending the best for ourselves and others.

We have said we are all in this together. And we are. Though everyone’s story is different, we are all trying to figure it out. And what will be can and will be different by person based on many factors: stage in life, health, financial security, attitude, desires and goals. There will be patterns, rituals, routines and processes from our past that remain, and there will be many that will need to be adapted for the new environment. Some things will totally go away. Many will be transformed – will be a hybrid of sorts –  taking the best of what was and merging it with what will be better.

In looking at myself I have seen how I am creating, modifiying, making adjustments for a better life. A few examples:

  • My former once a week yoga studio session has evolved into an online community where I now practice sometimes 5 times a week at home with so many asana options to choose from. No driving necessary.
  • Grocery shopping – has gone from several times a week to once every 7 days with more efficiency, less impulse buying, smarter choices and better meal planning.
  • Feeling more gratitude and appreciation for leading a simple, loving and calm lifestyle, limiting my exposure to media drama, negativity, outside influences and unnecessary splurges. Spending more time outdoors, running, hiking, and gardening.
  • Focusing more on the positive to reduce or eliminate the noise.  Reading inspiring and motivating stories, poems, quotes and phrases that recharge, rebalance and refresh my being. 

So let’s collectively focus on how we will adapt, adjust, be flexible and open to new ideas and ways of doing things. There are opportunities to be created and adventures to be taken. Sure there will be challenges and some obstacles. However we are resourceful and determined to overcome whatever gets in our way. For this is our Life. Don’t settle. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Acknowledge where we are and decide to make the changes necessary to be the best you can be.

With Light and Love and to a Life worth Living!



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