Better With Age

Yesterday (Saturday) I turned 67 years young! I don’t feel 67, I am told I do not look 67, and I probably do not act 67 – or what we used to believe it means to be that age. When I look in the mirror I see me. And every year as photos show, I change. However I am still the one and only me. We are all different. One size does not fit all. We are unique and special individuals living out our life and how we live it is our choice. And I intend to live to a healthy, happy, radiant and thriving 105! 

A favorite Birthday tradition for my husband and I is to run the number of minutes in our age. Yesterday we enjoyed and powered through a 67 minute run mostly on the beaches, sprinkled in some hiking on the trails, climbed 100 steps, and then walked home. What a wonderful 2 hour + outing. The day was picture perfect. Some fog, lots of sun and blue skies, waves crashing, birds singing, and fresh air all around. 

Birthdays for me are days to practice self care. My day started with giving thanks for another day to be Alive! A special card from my husband. Lots of well wishes from friends and family, close and far, on all social media platforms. And a few mailed cards, ecards and texts received. Then a run, hike, yoga, special Birthday coffee, and spending time just being and doing what I want to. And that always means a peaceful and loving day with my husband. No cake but delicious chocolate avocado mousse with fruit. (Again, my way may not be your way, but it is authentically me!)

I even ran into a friend and colleague that recently moved back to the neighborhood.  An unexpected delight to reconnect.

The night before my birthday, my husband asked during dinner what I would wish for my birthday. I said, without any hesitation, “Another day to be alive!” And that is a mantra I live by. Life is truly a gift. We are the director, producer, and actor. We create our world. We imagine the possibilities. We decide who, what, when, where and how. Even in times when things appear out of control, take a step back, reassess, and reimagine. Then take action and commit to make the changes and revisions necessary. You can rewrite how your story plays out. You have the power, strength and resources within you. Call upon them to propel you forward.

Choose Life. Choose Love. Choose Health. Choose Prosperity. Choose Happiness. Choose Peace. Choose Kindness. Find what brings you Joy. 

With Love and Light and Wishes for Getting Better with Age!



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