Resolve to Evolve

Years ago, the local Wild Oats Market in Pasadena, CA,  displayed a banner with this statement. It spoke to me everytime I went there. When they were closing the store, after it was acquired by Whole Foods, I asked if I could purchase the banner. At first, they said no. However the next time I was in there shopping, one of the managers said they reconsidered my request and gifted me with it! I was elated. My husband and I hung the banner above the steps leading downstairs in our home. It was a perfect reminder that continues to inspire us, even though we no longer have the banner. The message is definitely needed today as I observe how we as a society seem to be devolving instead of evolving.

What can one do? How do we shift the thinking? It all starts with ourselves and the decisions we make about the way we want to live our life. Let’s look at the two key words on the banner and their meaning.

to find a solution to a problem, to decide firmly on a course of action.

to undergo development, change, progress, grow.

Joyce Marter, Psychotherapist and Founder of Urban Balance, published an article in 2014 in the HuffPost: 10 Ways to Evolve and Be a Better Person

  1. Practice Gratitude – Find the good, be thankful. Count your blessings.
  2. Let go of Defensiveness – Be honest with yourself, seek help when needed.
  3. Practice Acceptance – Empower yourself to change what you can.
  4. Forgive and Let Go of Resentments – Learn the lessons and move on.
  5. Be Authentic – Have the courage and confidence to be your true self.
  6. Reflect Empathy – Refrain from judging, put yourself in other’s shoes.
  7. Be Direct – The truth will set you free.
  8. Be Kind and Compassionate – Only say things that are kind, necessary and true.
  9. Have Integrity – Be honest, be clear, do what you say you are going to do.
  10. Love Yourself – Practice self compassion and self care, Celebrate you.

By following the above 10 principles, adding a few of your own, and setting an example, we influence others in their behavior choices and help bring up society.  Who you are and what you do matters! Each of us makes a difference.

With Light, Love and Resolving to Evolve!



6 Comments on “Resolve to Evolve

  1. ☀️ Another week and another outstanding reminder on how to live Life to the fullest. ❣️ Love You Precious.

  2. I do think the current situation which feels so dark has actually caused a major transformation for the majority in our country. We are resolved to evolve our thinking and take action to break free of this tyrant leader and his message of hate and division. The landslide ouster will be only the beginning. Be hopeful and take action! Resolving is just the start. It is our actions that will lead to evolution.

  3. Karen you’re the modern version of ancient Indian sages. Charles is a mentor people rarely get an opportunity to be always with. Your wisdom on evolving took me to the dimension next in my Eternal Journey. I love to be grateful to you and Charles. Thank you 🙏❣️

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