What day is today?

How many times have you recently asked or heard someone ask “What day is today?”

It sounded funny at first, however with our routines, rituals, activities and daily patterns disrupted, shaken and rearranged, we have all been confused as to what day it is. At first we were all stunned by what was happening. Somewhat paralyzed.  Without attending school, going to an office, not being able to get a haircut, a manicure, having your teeth cleaned, having your housekeepers come, going to a restaurant, attending a wedding, going to church or temple, no girls lunch dates, seeing a play, going to a concert, practicing yoga at the studio, no shopping except for essentials, Life went on hold. All everyone talked about was the virus, the economy, the racial discrimination, the killings, and having to social distance, wash and sanitize your hands frequently and wear masks. Days seemed to roll right into the next, and appear identical. To remain relevant and in tune to what was happening, commercials even captured this sentiment in their advertising. It became a common and understandable feeling to not know what day it was.

However we do not have to be confused or stumped. As businesses and services open up, begin to plan certain activities on certain days and times. Create new routines, patterns and rituals that will better define a Tuesday from a Friday from a Sunday. 

As you plan you will begin to look forward to those activities and will most likely remember how many days till it happens. Other than routines I have and like to do daily, like go through a limited number of online papers reading mostly headlines, check emails, social media, online music, shows, and other performances for inspiration, I differentiate the days of the week by doing certain activities on certain days. I have listed a few of those below:
Sunday – I usually write my posts to publish on Mondays, enjoy a leisurely walk with my husband, we get a hard copy of the paper and we enjoy weekend coffee.(for those that know me, you know the ingredients!). The day is usually mellow and peaceful.

Monday – My post publishes and it is a run day, weight day and usually yoga. A true self care way to kick off the week.

Tuesday and Thursday – run days with my husband and an outing in the afternoon, that could include grocery shopping, a drive, some other home improvement shopping, or just ordering take out food.

Wednesday – Housecleaning every 2 weeks, run day, weight day and perhaps afternoon activity.

Friday – Run day, weight day, and yoga 

Saturday – Run and hike day with husband, weekend coffee, free flowing afternoon and evening.

As you can see, I have a schedule that helps me know what day it is. However I also have some flexibility built in for unexpected surprises and ideas of what to do. I realize I have more freedom and ability to live a more free flowing, simple and casual lifestyle at the beach being retired. I give thanks for that and am grateful.

Regardless of your situation, we can all tweak the way we do things to improve, to motivate us, to enliven us, find joy, be excited and feel alive. Every day can be unique and different.  I encourage you to look at the days of the week, identify activities and plug them in. Pretty soon you will no longer question what day of the week it is and you will have meaningful activities and looking forward to events on your calendar.

With Light and Love (on Sunday),


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