Living in a Bubble

The concept of living in an invisible bubble started many years ago while I was a retail executive. I would often supervise several management trainees during their career. One of the challenges they had was how to deal with criticism from senior management. They thought they knew it all. They never expected to be yelled out for a sign that was crooked! (true story). It was definitely a learning experience necessary for their growth and development. So many burst into tears! I have had to calm them down and shift their interpretation of the incident. So I would advise them that in order to protect themselves they needed to zip up an invisible bubble around them. Have it be clear, flexible and allow them to engage with everyone, see everything, and absorb everything. However, it would shield them from the negativity, the rude behavior, the harsh comments that were part of others management style. They needed to learn the lesson and then let it go. These incidents defined whether they could toughen up and rise above how sometimes they were treated. It wasn’t right how they were spoken to. But I had their back. Upon hearing or seeing what happened, I would usually request that the senior executive tone it down and not annihilate the trainees. Use the opportunity to influence, coach and educate them on what needs to get done and how to view the big picture.

I never imagined that the term of living in a bubble would be so relevant today for everyone. I have continued to use my bubble that surrounds me to protect me, nourish me, love and guide me. 

My husband has used the bubble to shield himself from others negativity, rudeness and mindlessness.  Being a very sensitive and loving soul, of which I have always appreciated and loved about him, he has sometimes been unnerved by the way other people behave. His bubble helps him.

In todays environment as we figure out how to adapt and adjust to life and living, you have the NBA in the Disney bubble, protecting them during the pandemic and allowing them to play and for us to enjoy.

I just read how the Tour de France cycling event has the riders and teams in their own bubble as they navigate the course covering over 2000 miles.

And we are all living in our own bubbles due to the stay at home, isolation, quarantining, and social distancing requirements to keep us all safe and healthy.

WOW! A new reality indeed. 

So, how are you adjusting and adapting? 
Are you zipping up your invisible to protect yourself?
And are you helping others to do the same?
We are in this together. 
Be safe.
Be healthy.
Find your joy, happiness and peace.

With Light and Love from my Bubble to yours!



3 Comments on “Living in a Bubble

  1. Wonderful story! I use my bubble as often as I remember (I forget) and it helps. It’s funny I was telling your husband just last night about how I was learning my lessons and in the process of letting them go. I love you both! ♥️♥️♥️

    • Good morning Kelly, we continue to learn lessons as part of life, and it so important to then release them. Glad you relate to my sharings. Sending you Light and Love. 🙏💐❤️

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