The Importance of Fertilizing – Our Plants and Ourselves

We recently enlisted gardening help to assess, recommend and do what needs to get done to improve the health of our plants, shrubs, trees, flowering vines and grass. They were not thriving and looking their best. They looked tired. We knew we had sprinkler and soaker issues, however we knew it was more than just watering. And since we believe we no longer have rabbits, there was somehting else. They needed to improve their diet! They wanted and needed fertilizer, especially iron right now. 

A good gardener is like a doctor. He looks and determines what is necessary to improve the health of the patient.( our plants and ourselves). And even though the responsibility is really 100% on us to follow through, we sometimes need guidance and expert opinion to get us going in the right direction.

It was an AHA moment for me. We are all connected. I asked myself what the lesson was. I realized that if our gardens needed some nourishment, we probably did as well.  I pride myself on following a mostly plant based diet, and grocery shop mostly around the store’s perimeters for healthy, fresh and non processed foods. My husband and I exercise, hike and run in nature, strength train, practice yoga and love to sleep. In today’s environment, we make sure we decompress from all the noise to reduce stress, anxiety, confusion and upset. (Last week I spoke about “This world, She’s upside down” – and she still is!)

So when our new gardener talked about feeding our gardens with iron enriched fertilizer, the light bulb went off. In stressful times, the demands are greater on us. We need to adjust and increase the nutrients if we want to thrive and flourish. 

How simple it sounds! However it is one thing to know it, and another to do it. I encourage us all to reflect on our current food intake, our vitamin and herb supplements, our exercise and fitness programs, our stress reducing habits, and reassess what is needed for now. Adjust what is necessary to improve your energy, your positivity, your outlook on life. Even with all the chaos and confusion around us, we can be alive and well. In addition,  I and my husband will also strengthen our invisible bubble that protects us from the craziness of todays environment – tough enough to protect us, flexible enough to remain sensitive and aware, and perforated just a little to allow us to breathe in clean, healthy fresh air.

With Light and Love and Increased doses of Fertilizer for you and your gardens’ Wellbeing,


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