This World…She’s Upside Down!

My grandfather would often say this when he felt confused, frustrated, perplexed, not in control, and disappointed with the happenings going on. I too have used it especially in today’s environment. The world is truly upside down, having been shaken to it’s core, with everything we have known changed and rearranged. I do not see how anything from our past will transition into the future 100%. Some version perhaps will survive, but with a twist. There are so many dominoes still falling and impacting every part of everything. So what is next? Who has the crystal ball? Where will we find the answers?

The crystal ball image then changed for me to a vision of a snow globe. Who doesn’t love a snow globe? You pick it up, shake it up, turn it upside down, and Voila! a new and improved version of what was appears before your eyes. We hold the snow globe in our hands and smile at the snow gently covering everything with it’s brilliance and magic. We get to slow down and appreciate the beauty within the globe, and give thanks. Our heart opens and we savor that experience. Years ago I was gifted a different type of “snow globe”. It was a item being used during a new fragrance launch. It was a globe with sand, sea shells and starfish. It was special and I loved turning it upside down and discovered new items that had been buried each time I did that. 

You can use your imagination and visualize your own snow globe today. Pick it up, shake it up, turn it upside down, and watch as the snow gently starts to flow down, covering everything with its magic. However we have to stay open to feel it, see it, and understand it. Our perspective of things will change. To thrive in the new reality, our new snowglobe, we will adjust and adapt, remain flexible and flowing to the revisions and reroutes, give thanks for where we have been, and be grateful to have the opportunity to go forward. We will view things differently, rethink what is important, what has value, and what is truly meaningful in our lives. 

There is a reason why we needed to be shaken up and turned upside down. There are lessons to be learned and behaviours to change and Divine principles to follow. Yes, we are all in this together. However our lessons to be learned may be different. Use the time being upside down to listen and learn what is best for you. Then savor your new reality, your very own magical snowglobe.

With Light and Love,



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  1. ☀️ It is true, the world is upside down. However, we’ll hold hands and stay away from the noise and nonsense going on as much as possible. I Love you Sweetheart. ❣️

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