New Beginnings

This week many of my former colleagues were let go from Macys Inc. as the company restructured. Almost 4000 positions were eliminated. Having been through I believe 9+ mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and restructures, I know how difficult this can be for everyone. Even if your position is going forward, you feel a sadness for those who are not. And when it is you, the emotions of shock, upset, anger and resentment are real and uncomfortable.  However, they will turn into acceptance, gratitude for the training and experience there, and excitement for what’s next.

Although my situation was somewhat different it was a roller coaster ride. I decided to take an early retirement in 2011 from Macys which allowed me to venture off on my own:  First into travel retail with DFS, and then to start my own consulting business. Yes it took relocating, adjusting to a different commute for awhile, more travel, learning some new skills, Skype calls with headquarters in Hong Kong and later with clients all around the world. Many times I was conducting business late at night or early in the morning based on where my client was located – Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, NY, Ohio, Florida, and many more. My husband would chuckle seeing me with makeup on, business, professional attire from the waist up and with leggings or yoga bottoms on. .Similar to what so many people are doing today on Zoom. However it was all worth it. I had incredible opportunities all throughout my career. It took focus, hard work, confidence, discipline and persistence. It also took being open, flexible and adaptable to the ever changing circumstances. For change is a constant. In fact, it is the only constant.

For my friends and colleagues who are in limbo right now, know that there is the perfect new opportunity waiting for you. Even with all the chaos, confusion, anxiety, pandemic, racial injustice, economic instability, and so many other issues, positive, uplifting, life changing things are happening and will happen for you. 
Have faith
Stay open 
Be aware
Reach out
Visualize and write down your dream position
Know what you want and don’t want
Do not settle
Be patient
Stay positive
Affirm daily that your perfect position is waiting for you
Remain focused
Believe it will work out
Take time for yourself
Eat right
Think good thoughts
Find joy in every day
Balance the effort to find your next position with taking care of yourself

If I can inspire you, guide you, connect you with someone, or just listen, let me know.

With Light and Love,

6 Comments on “New Beginnings

  1. Thank you for your inspiring words, Karen! I have been displaced by the Macy’s restructure, but I feel it is a gift. I know that I needed that cosmic push to find the career that truly fulfills my soul, so I am grateful for this opportunity to start anew. Wish me luck!
    Best regards,

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