Life Lessons from Gardening

Over the past four days I have been inspired to work in our home gardens after our daily run/walk. With sunny warm days and the Summer Solstice this weekend, it seemed like the perfect time to get my hands dirty. It has been a while since I last dug in the dirt!  Plus, since we finished our house repiping and garage organization projects, I looked forward to doing something more creative and in nature. What discoveries I found that had me thinking and applying the principals to my life. Here are a few of the lessons learned:

Gardening is hard work.  However when you love doing something, it does not feel like work! And when I take the time to garden, I love it. I go into a zone and everything else disappears. Also it is a great work out! With my weight lifting, running and yoga I came out of each day a little sore, but still ready and able to keep at it. And so it is with life! Love what you do so it does not feel like work. Appreciate the benefits of what you do and how strong you really are, mentally and physically. Then like several people have said, from Confucius to Mark Twain, “You will feel like you never worked a day in your life.”

Have a vision for your garden. What type of flowers, shrubs, trees or greenery do you like and what would do well in your climate? Sketch out your design and visit the nursery for ideas. And if yours are still closed due to the pandemic, check out pinterest and other sites for inspiration. The same plays out in your life. Have a vision of who you want to be, how you want to live, what you enjoy, what is important. Write it down, refresh it as needed, and continue to visualize and imagine.

Prep is everything. I made sure we had the plants to plant, soil, mulch, tools, garden stool, gloves, dumpster. I was shocked how in some areas the soil (or just clay) was so hard I almost broke the garden claw! That would be the second time! I realized that having the right mix of soil and nutrients were the foundation for a strong healthy plant. I was also shocked how many roots from plants no longer there were still buried deep in the soil (Bird of Paradise). And the weeds! I spent a lot of time removing what should not be there as it would not encourage growth. It was unhealthy for the new plants. I thought of what I had neglected in my life and what I needed to clear and clean out, getting rid of my clay soil, dead roots and debris. Time to Reflect, Renew and Refresh again.

Focus and pay attention. Once your plants are planted, Love them. Talk to them. Sing to them. Give thanks for their beauty. Enjoy them. Let them know you care by watering, fertilizing, pulling up weeds and removing any insects. Let them know you are there for them, and will give them what they need to survive. You may make a few mistakes, however it is a learning process. And so it is in life. Show up for yourself. Practice self-care. Pay attention to your nutrition, your sleep, your exercise, your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. Be confident, be assertive, feel empowered, be strong. Be the best you possible!

Be patient. Once planted, it takes time for the roots to become comfortable in their new environment, their new parents, their neighboring plants and their feeding schedule. I definitely continue to work on this as bougainvillea planted 2 years ago is just now reblooming and growing again.  And I almost took them out. However my husband and good neighbor kept advising me to be patient and love them. I even sang a song for them in the spring every morning when I opened the bedroom shade and looked down on them. I sent them positive energy. I believe it helped. Give yourself the time to bloom. Be patient. Practice self-love and kindness. Though the world is fast paced and has contributed to our desire for instant gratification in everything, growth takes time. Enjoy the journey. 

Tomorrow I will resume working in the garden on the bougainvillea area. I am excited to enhance the existing plants with some new ones that will add a little more color. I will weed, refresh the soil, sing to them and love them all. I wonder what lessons I will uncover as well.

With Light and Love




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