Finding Solutions

When faced with a challenge (problem), how do you respond?  I for one, go into overdrive. My mind offers up sometimes crazy ideas and potential solutions that at first seem ridiculous. However, it only takes one of those ideas to solve the puzzle. Or several of them put together.

We all have different ways we deal with the problem at hand. Some of us thrive. Some of us freeze up and do not know how to proceed. Some of us rely on others to help guide us. The important thing is to seek out the help you need to find the solution. I also find that when we brainstorm together, we build on the ideas of one another and achieve our objective faster and usually with a better outcome. Another way to deal with whatever dilemna you are facing is to “sleep on it.” It is amazing how our minds continue to process events of the day and offer up solutions. Even if you do not set the intention of solving the problem before closing your eyes, it will usually surface. Here is an example:

Yesterday we noticed how the rabbits were totally destroying our backyard grass. It seemed like overnight the grass went from being healthy, green, full and damage  free, to being a mess. My husband and I looked at the options both short term for immediate help and then long term.

For Short Term:

  • We could ignore the problem and let it be. (not really an option as we enjoy the beauty and calm of our backyard)
  • We could attach wire mesh to the front and side walkway gates to keep the rabbits out. ( We would hire someone with the expertise and not try to DIY).

For Longer Term:

  • We are looking to replace the wrought iron open design gate entrances with combination wood and wrought iron to eliminate the need of wire mesh and to add a fresh new design feature.
  • We could replace the grass with artificial turf of which I had resisted. But enough is enough.

After reviewing, we decided on the first step of adhering wire mesh to the gates to keep the critters out. Until the handyman could come and install, we could temporarily adhere a lighter mesh to the gates ourselves. Although we were not sure how to do that, I had a realization in the middle of the night.  I woke up and said to myself “magnets”. Magnets? Yes!  I have a glass and metal dragonfly attached by a magnet to my bedroom full image mirror which has a wrought iron frame.  I then remembered seeing magnets attached to a file cabinet in my husband’s office. I couldn’t wait till morning to move forward on the project and see if it would work. We tested the magnets from his file cabinet on the gate and they stuck! So off to the hardware store we go. We buy the wire mesh for the handyman, the lighter mesh and additional magnets for us to use until he comes. And guess what? It worked perfectly!!!!! Amazing how it came together. Phase one of the solution solved. Next step is to call the handyman to professionally install the wire mesh.

Then we can take our time and find the perfect wood combination gates that would blend with a new garage door. And if we later decide to go with artificial turf we will.

Within 24 hours, we identified the challenge. We put a strategy together with options. We decided on a course of action. And we moved forward to resolve the problem. It has been challenging no doubt. And if you recall from a previous blog, we are also dealing with the pinhole pipe leak in our garage! We really did not need another challenge. After a few screams, swear words and tears, we faced it head on with a determined approach to succeed. Even though we were in the midst of a “Breakdown” yesterday, today we are making a “Breakthrough.”

And so will you. In whatever situation you find yourself in. Know that you can find the right solution for you. Ask for help, seek guidance and advise, use the tools available, and reflect on your options. If you need to, write it all down. And use the power of your mind and subconscious to sleep on it. You will be amazed at the ideas that surface. Stay open, be flexible and have the confidence that you will succeed. And know that Breakdowns precede Breakthroughs. You will get to the other side and find the solution.

With Light and Love







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  1. ☀️ We’re going to whack the wabbits and reclaim the beauty of our backyard, of that I have no doubt. You are special and I Love You Sweetheart, more everyday. ☀️

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