The Sights, Sounds and Scents of Spring

As the weather turns warmer, and the days get longer, I am tuning into nature more and realizing how special it is and how enlivening it feels. A few of my favorite happenings recently:

  • Waking up to the birds singing
  • Having a ladybug fly onto my leg during my run
  • Seeing caterpillars inching their way across the sidewalk
  • Enjoying the Monarch butterflies fly around me
  • Seeing the bougainvillea reblooming in our backyard
  • Smelling and seeing the jasmine flourishing
  • Watching how bulbs and flowers are blossoming everywhere I look
  • Seeing the baby ducks in the golf course pond
  • Observing the hummingbirds feeding on our vines
  • Watching the doves mate and create their nests
  • Relishing the sunsets over the Pacific ocean

During these trying times of sheltering in place, protecting ourselves and others with face masks, social distancing, and limited outings mostly to the grocery store, I can redirect my focus to embracing Mother Nature and relish in Spring unfolding. It is a great way to rebalance and stay calm.

Feel how nourishing and comforting it truly is to be outdoors and enjoy the many aspects of Spring. I even spent some time yesterday after our run pulling weeds in our gardens and visualizing the changes I will be making.

For change is coming! In all shapes and sizes and colors and rhythms and scents. I do not have the crystal ball that shows exactly what will happen, however I do know that I have a say in it. We create our world. Yes, things outside of our control do happen. And we then choose to deal with them or become the victim. I choose to deal with them, influence them, visualize my desires, and create my world. For my world is my life which is composed of what I have thought and created and continue to think and create. I choose to thrive, not just survive.

Yes, I have many questions that are unanswered. However, it is my nature to figure it out.

And just like with the blessings of Spring, continual growth and blossoming is part of my DNA as it is yours.  Let’s not allow the current global conditions to take that away.  Imagine your new world, your better than ever life, your future. It is up to each and everyone of us to be an active participant, contributor and creator of our world. Be inspired by the beauty of Spring all around and begin to imagine and create your world.

With Light and Love,


4 Comments on “The Sights, Sounds and Scents of Spring

  1. “The blessings of spring”. I can depend on Monday morning for love and light in my life. I thank you.

    • Thanks Michael, how are you? You have been very quiet lately. Looking forward to getting together in the near future.

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