Learning Life’s Lessons

Lessons are all around us. Not only in a classroom environment, an online course, a workshop, seminar or other structured formal setting. Lessons surround us all the time in our daily life. We learn from each other and from the world events. Everything that happens has meaning and purpose to it. We just need to understand what that is and why it is happening. Because some of it we really did not expect, want, or appreciate. However there is a reason and something to learn. That is the true value.
Over the last few days, 2 things happened of note in my Life.

  1. Our car would not start. Thankfully it was in the garage and AAA came and replaced the battery. It was also the same day that my husband felt tired and took a day off to just rest versus going together to grocery shop.
  2. We discovered a water leak on the garage ceiling. Was it the roof or the plumbing? At first we thought it was the roof since we have had heavy rains recently, although not for a week. So we believe it is the plumbing from the upstairs master bathroom. We are lining up the plumber to schedule the repairs.

In reflecting on what was happening on the outside, we gave thought to why and what this was teaching us.  What  was going on inside of us?  A dead car battery symbolizes  thoughts and feelings of being drained, overworked, stressed out, or involved in a draining relationship or life situation. Water is a metaphor for our emotions, so a leaky roof or a plumbing problem can mean that you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

I would say that the current global crisis has definitely affected us, leaving us feeling stressed, drained, and overwhelmed. It is impacting everyone. However I thought that we were handling it pretty good. These recent events suggest otherwise.

What do we do? We need to take action both on the issues in the real world and also the issues within us (the true real world). We will turn over the outer world plumbing issue to the experts. We can only speculate what the problem is which causes uncertainty, more questions and no answers. By having the experts handle it, we can then focus our energies on resolving our inner world’s needs. 

Some questions we posed to ourselves:
What do we need to do to offset all the negativity and chaos? 
What practices do we need to enhance our wellbeing and stay calm? 
How do we step it up to better protect and shield ourselves against what is happening? 

Given that we pride ourselves on doing what is best for us – proper nutrition, exercise, right thinking, adequate sleep, mindfulness, being compassionate, kind and loving, being grateful and thankful – I was somewhat surprised that we needed to reassess and do more. We needed to go into overdrive as these are not normal times. We may not be able to control the current outer world circumstances, but we can control how we allow them to impact us. 

I would recommend that we all revisit our self care practices and step them up a notch or two or three.  I would also look for the significance of things happening around us to better understand what is happening within us. What lessons are there to be learned? What realizations will you uncover?

We all need to take extra and better care of ourselves in order to care for each other and the planet. The current journey we are all on is filled with life changing events that hold many lessons to learn. I pray that we are mindful enough and receptive enough to realize them, heed them and then do the right thing.

With Light and Love and Lessons to Learn,

I would love to hear your feedback!

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