How Are You Really Feeling?


I consider myself an optimistic realist. I look for the brighter side, the silver lining, the rainbow, the possibilities, and the solutions to resolve whatever concerns and challenges I am facing. I know the importance of right self talk and thinking and the impact it has on my being. I focus on the things that uplift me, motivate me, inspire me and propel me forward. Healthy mind = Healthy body.

The Global Crisis that we are now experiencing is truly testing everyone’s ability to not just function but to thrive. Within a few weeks, our world has been turned upside down. Life, as we have known it with its rhythms and routines no longer exists. For too many, It now feels quite unsettling, uncomfortable, scary, unpredictable, and out of our control.

However, what is within our control is how we interpret what is happening, react to it, deal with it or for some, hide or run from it. The journey to get through it begins with asking ourselves “How are we really feeling?”

The usual responses in the past have been “great, good, okay.” Even when you were feeling “lonely, depressed, uncomfortable, sad, or angry”, most people would not respond with the real truth. Perhaps denial, fear or being numb were blocking out the ability to be in touch with one’s feelings.

But now – more than ever, we need to acknowledge and truly feel what we are feeling.  In order to move forward we must be honest with ourselves. Identifying how we are really feeling is the beginning. Once we are aware, we can deal with it and develop the best strategy to survive and thrive.

I for one, am grateful to be alive and well. Some of you are aware that I am a cancer survivor of 15 years. Every day I give thanks. I focus on staying healthy, being happy, finding joy. However, I am at a stage of life where I can devote time to me. Self care is a key component to it all. And because of its importance, regardless of how busy and stressed or overwhelmed you may be, it is critical for you too. For it is only when I take the time for me, that I can better help and serve others. How I go about taking care of me may be different than what you are or will do. That’s okay. I would though focus on nourishing and nurturing the following: Your spirit, your mind, your body. Eat right, think good thoughts, exercise, get proper sleep, find creative outlets and hobbies. Pamper yourself with an at home spa hour or two to soak, self massage, or give yourself a facial. Get dressed. Put on some makeup. Do your hair. Listen to music and dance. Do your nails. Do what works for you to feel alive and well.

And remember to frequently check in with yourself and ask how you are feeling. Be honest. Have a good cry if you need that. Let go. Scream a little. Laugh. Make funny faces. Accept what you are feeling without criticism.  Know you are not alone in this. Seek help if you feel you cannot do it by yourself. Talk to someone. And give yourself a great big Hug. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Spend time every day acknowledging and thanking yourself for taking care of YOU!. It is your #1 responsibility. First and foremost. By so doing, you have the strength, energy, determination, desire and ability to do what needs to get done and to be there for others. 

Sending you a great big virtual Hug!
With Light and Love,




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