Rebirth, Renewal and Rejuvenation

Rebirth, Renewal and Rejuvenation.These 3 words for me depict the meaning of Passover and Easter. The two holidays have so much in common, though each with distinct differences. Regardless of your upbringing and your religious and spiritual preferences, we all can appreciate the learnings from both.

Rabbi Daniel F. Polish wrote in a 2018 article the following:
“Passover and Easter, beneath their manifest historical and theological content, can be seen as the human reaction to the liberation from the harsh confinement of winter to the verdant restoration of life and promise that all of us feel as we experience the bursting buds and radiant colors, the soft air and beautiful scents that mark the beginning of the new season. And more, both holidays are joined at their core in finding us rejoicing in the defeat of death and the gift of life restored.”  

I could not agree more.  However, I acknowledge that this year, the feelings of rejoicing have been harder to achieve. Traditions and “how we used to do things” are no longer. This is not just transitioning from winter to spring. This is a new reality. A new world. A new and different way of living. One in which we will adapt and adjust many times to eventually settle in.

How are you creating your new normal? Are you establishing new routines and schedules, being free flowing and flexible? Or are you resistant to change? Angry or resentful? Or perhaps a little of all. I am with you in having all those feelings too. However I set my intention and choose to be reborn, renewed and rejuvenated. You have the choice as well. Take the time to reflect how to move forward, what gets discarded, what stays, what gets added. Then you can make the best choices for you. And remember, we probably all will be revising our 2020 Vision Boards.

Having retired, I admit that my husband’s and my patterns and routines have not changed that much during this pandemic. We are home bodies. We have always focused on creating a peaceful, loving, calm space and will continue to do so every day with music playing and with candles or diffusers permeating calming scents throughout the house. We, along with everyone, are doing our part to reduce the spread of the virus. We are sheltering in place, keeping interactions with others at a minimum and maintaining social distancing while doing grocery shopping every 7-10 days, as well as on our daily walks and runs. Keeping up a daily exercise routine is paramount to our well being. I hope you do too. Thank goodness our beaches are still open and our community respects and adheres to proper social distancing. That is my sanctuary. I am grateful every day to be able to enjoy that space and be nourished by its energy and peace.

Of course we miss connecting with others, occasional get togethers, dinners out, live cultural events,  group yoga classes,  movie theatre outings. However I acknowledge that this is only a temporary state – it will change. And as the weather warms up, I can also devote time to gardening and planting.

Like most of us, my usage is up on mobile devices. However I am committed to limiting my exposure to all the news alerts. Not always easy to back off, but so important to keep my sanity. I am thoroughly enjoying tuning into musical shows, Broadway plays, concerts, Cirque du Soleil performances, meditation, yoga classes, or other activities that are being offered. In fact, we just tuned into Andrea Bocelli performing live from the Duomo di Milano. Beyond spectacular.
Remember, you are in control. Make the right choices for you.

I realize that your daily routines and rhythms may be drastically different than mine. You may be juggling schooling at home for your children, sharing office space in the dining room or den with your partner, caring for elderly or ill family, or out of work and beyond stressed. My heart goes out to you.

I am also sending my deepest thanks and gratitude to all the medical teams, doctors, nurses, first responders, scientists, researchers, grocery and pharmacy employees for going above and beyond. And every day, without exception, upon awakening and as I settle in for a good nights sleep, I say my affirmations and give thanks for another day being alive and well. 

Let the meaning of Passover and Easter remind us all that Spring has started, there is hope for new beginnings and joy to be found all around us. And although we are in a crisis today, being forced to shelter in place, limiting our social encounters, we have been able to reflect more and slow down. We have the time to re-establish our priorities, to appreciate and truly look around to find nature’s beauty. It is there for us all. Always. 

May you find the peace, joy, harmony and love that is in you and surrounds you.

With Light and Love,




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