I love sleep! And I can usually drift off easily into what I call my cocoon. During these trying times I especially find sleeping a little longer helps to protect and keep me calm.  Like the other night. The winds had been blowing and the weather was a bit unstable. My allergies acted up so much that I went to bed at 7pm. However that night, I did not fall asleep right away as my nose kept itching. But at least I was horizontal! I was able to rest and sleep till 8 am the next day. My allergies subsided, I felt recharged.

I reflected on what had happened. I consider myself a sensitive person that can feel the energy around me – from people, places and objects. As much as I attempt to shield myself with my invisible bubble, sometimes I cannot. I allowed too many news alerts and information regarding the Covid-19 virus to impact me. I even had to ask a friend who I would see while on my run, keeping our respective social distance, to not talk about all the chaos, the statistics, the negative headlines when I saw him. My run/walk time is very special to me. I not only am exercising my body, I am calming my mind and affirming Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony and Health. I do not want anything or anyone to interfere with that time for me. It helps me keep my balance and calm.

Taking care of ourselves is key. Especially in today’s reality. We are all finding the new normal, or the new abnormal!  We are all handling the stress and anxiety differently. Feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, helplessness, loneliness, depression, and grief are common. Take the time to assess your feelings. Establish parameters to how much news you listen to or read, versus how much inspiring, nourishing, programs you absorb to stay balanced and committed to getting to the otherside. Practice being in the moment. Projecting into the future, with all the uncertainties, will not help your state of being. 

And when you feel somewhat overwhelmed, take a deep long breath. Or several. Listen to some calming music or podcast meditation. And when you feel calm you can drift into a healing sleep. Go into your cocoon and find comfort. Snuggle in for a good nights rest. You will nourish yourself to take on tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.

For tomorrow will come and the sun will shine brightly.

With Light and Love and a good night’s sleep,


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