Get Ready to Transform

Transforming your Life involves going beyond the way you currently live, co-creating a better Life for yourself, and changing the way you live. You do this by using your thoughts, visualization, words, faith, actions, or a combination of them. (HuffPost 2015, Dr. Nella Ann Roberts)
If ever there was a time for transformation, it is definitely NOW. As I read headlines and articles to keep abreast of what is happening during the Covid-19 crisis, I continue to come across comments like:
* Our lives will be transformed
* Unprecedented Times
* We’re all in this together
* We will overcome and eventually thrive
* How we do things will change
* Priorities will be re-established
Though the how, when, where, and what are unanswered questions, we know for sure that Life as we know it, is being transformed. Not knowing the specifics and having so much in limbo, is not easy to navigate. Change is hard. Especially when it has been thrust upon us so quickly and unexpectedly. I did not ask for this! And although I cannot control what is happening, I can control how I react, respond and move forward.  I have learned to take deep breaths (lots of them throughout the day), remain calm, and stay as much as I can in the present moment.  I practice social distancing, staying healthy and shielding myself as best I can. When I try to think what the future reality will look like, I get somewhat unsettled, I feel anxious and more confused. So I return to being in the NOW.
I realize I do not have the answers.  What I do have is my resolve and determination to get to the other side. And primary for me is to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. I am a preemie after all.
I focus on what I can do, like:
*Being compassionate, loving and kind to myself, my husband and to others
*Being grateful and appreciative for my life
*Taking my self care seriously which includes:
*Proper nutrition
*Daily activities like running, stretching, weights and yoga practice
*Right Thinking
*Proper Sleep

I encourage you to also focus on what you can control. Take each day as a brand new opportunity to improve and thrive.
Take the time to Reflect, Renew and Refresh. Set new guidelines that work for you for now. And stay open to adapt and adjust as needed.
Establish parameters for yourself and your loved ones to limit your exposure to the news alerts, not allowing them to run or ruin your well being. Focus on what is truly important. Find new activities, hobbies and projects to stimulate creativity, positivity and keep you inspired and motivated. Allow your thoughts to identify new opportunities, new ways of being and doing, better and more efficient and effective processes and procedures. 
And remember:
*We’re all in this together
*We will overcome and eventually thrive
*We will be transformed
With Light and Love,

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  1. You need to read that post more than ones. All good positive lessons. And all we have to do is practice. Thank you.

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