My Hand Washing Mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum is a well-loved Buddhist mantra commonly translated as, “The jewel is in the lotus.” or “Praise to the jewel in the lotus.”
Reciting this mantra over and over again, with the right intention, is believed to get rid of the mud and muck until we are as sparkling, pure, compassionate and wise as the lotus flower itself. 

While washing my hands lately as highly recommended to protect myself from Covid-19 germs,  instead of singing Happy Birthday for 20 seconds, I find that reciting this mantra helps me recenter and calm myself while cleansing my hands. I am disinfecting physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I sing it slowly and twice to complete my 20 second cycle.

What song or mantra are you using when washing your hands? When the right one resonates with you, you will find yourself also reciting it at other times of the day and night to help you deal with the reality of the world today. And we certainly all can use more help, guidance and assistance there.

We all need methods in which to calm our minds and destress. I have found that musicians, singers, artists, yoga instructors, fitness trainers, motivational speakers, gurus, and so many others are using the social media platforms to help everyone deal with everything we are experiencing today. I applaud all their efforts and am grateful for their willingness to spread healing vibrations to everyone.

Being informed of the latest news is important, however it is coming at us from so many sources of which not all are reliable. So I suggest reducing your time watching, reading or listening to prevent being overwhelmed. Be selective with who you speak with to reduce being bombarded with negativity and despair. However do assist those that you can uplift with your kind, inspiring and calming words and deeds.

Spend time outdoors nourishing yourself. Take a walk, run, cycle, hike, or just sit and take in fresh air, sun, wind, nature’s beauty around you. Be mindful of others and keep your respective distance. Yesterday while out running with my husband along the beach we did just that. We enjoyed being outdoors, said hi to neighbors also out enjoying themselves, but respected everyone’s space. Today we will do the same on our Sunday walk.

I also found myself singing my mantra after saying my daily affirmations. It is important that we send out healing vibrations to ourselves, others and the planet. Be a carrier of health, wellbeing and calmness.

We will get through this. 

With Light and Love,
Om Mani Padme Hum,


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