Unprecedented Times

This past week has definitely been an altered reality for me.  Not one I chose, though one I had to deal with and could not avoid. Did I want to pull the covers over my head and go back to bed? Yes, I did! On more than one day.

However I chose to handle whatever came my way with an underlying sense of calm and peace. I got rattled a few times from outer circumstances: the rain (though we need it, I prefer sunny days and blue skies), the stock market dive, the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly around the world, the political scene, and the insane panic buying of toilet paper! I sensed the fear and panic in others and have felt waves of it myself. Truly unprecedented times. My grandfather used to say: “This world is upside down!” It surely seems that way now. 

What I found to help me deal with it all was to first and foremost take care of myself. I continued to run or walk daily (whether on the beach or inside on my treadmill), eat mostly plant based healthy foods, get proper rest, and spend quality, loving time with my husband. I found myself taking deep breaths more often to relieve any anxiety that started to build. I limited my time on social media, focusing on positive, affirmative, healing quotes and looking at photos of nature and travel. I tuned into the news alerts only in the morning and sometimes again in the afternoon, but not at night. And always before falling asleep I said my affirmations and gave thanks. One rainy afternoon, my husband and I even watched “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”. What a special movie. It warmed our hearts.

I also sent off my annual Thank you cards to my 3 Doctors who I owe my life to.  On Sunday, I celebrated 15 years free of cancer. And for that I am most grateful. I do not take being alive lightly. Life is truly a gift.

So even though we as a society are faced with tremendous challenges and the world is very sick right now,  I know we will get to the other side. We will be healed, we will be stronger and better equipped to handle whatever is thrown our way. I remain calm even with so much chaos around.

And hopefully, we will have learned a few things during this time. Like what is really important, what is really necessary, what is the true meaning of this Life and what is the Best way to truly Live this Life.

With Light and Love and Healing Vibrations coming your way,


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