Making Oneself A Priority

For me, taking care of myself is a key priority, especially during challenging times. By investing in my health and wellbeing, I am better equipped to handle the unexpected surprises that come my way. For years, running, yoga and healthy nutrition have been important elements supporting my efforts to be successful in Life, Love and Business. Were there detours, twists and turns along the way? Of course there were. However, I had a strong foundation that helped me get to the other side. And to thrive!

Let’s look at today’s environment!  We are in the midst of so much uncertainty, negativity, and volatility. What is one to do? I say #1 is to take even better care of yourself.

I recently read some interesting articles regarding online shopping in China. As the coronavirus epidemic keeps hundreds of millions of Chinese at home, they’re shopping online to stave off boredom with games, yoga mats, books and exercise equipment. Many malls and stores remain shut and sales of cars and smartphones are significantly down, but demand for health, entertainment and cosmetics products is buoyant. One consumer was quoted saying: ““No medicine really functions against the virus so far. All you can count on is your own health. I want to exercise at home to be healthy and fit.“ 

Here in the US, in most areas, our daily lives continue on. However, we are all aware of the increased precautions we are taking to stay healthy: Wash your hands, do not touch your face, stay away from crowds, stay home when sick, cover your cough or sneeze, replace a hand shake with a fist bump or elbow shake, get proper rest, eat healthy, exercise and destress. 

We have a choice! Let’s choose wisely as we protect ourselves against all that is going on. Do not stop Living – however maybe hit the Pause button on a few things. For one, I have not booked any international travel for right now. We will probably do a road trip within the next month instead. Being cautious is wise. 

I like to visualize a bubble around me that can shield me and protect me. It is an armor of sorts, however see through and flexible. I have used this for many years in business and in personal interactions. For me, it works. You may visualize something different and that’s okay. The importance is to protect yourself. Shield yourself. Focus on what you can do proactively to affirm health and wellbeing instead of allowing fear and panic to set in. What we focus on and think about, becomes our reality. 

Choose wisely and create your world, your way.

With Light and Love,


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  1. 🔆 Thank you Sweetheart for pampering with your Love, makes all the difference in my world. 💟 Love You

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