Toss it or Keep it?

Having been in the beauty industry for many, many years, I understand the benefits and importance of quality ingredients in both skincare and makeup. For me, it is as important as the food I choose to nourish myself. What I put on my skin has an effect on me. So I am careful in the brands I use. In addition, it is key to follow proper hygienic standards when applying. Not only in store when customers are testing product or having it demonstrated on them by a beauty advisor, but also at home for ourselves. No one wants to get a bacterial infection from unsanitized products, dirty tester units or items past their sell date. So you can imagine my surprise when I took an inventory of my cosmetics – both skincare and makeup.

I just finished up my cleanser and looked in my stash to replenish it. One of the many benefits of the industry is the sampling and gratis that one can receive. And who does not love that! I was sure I had a backup of the same item,  but I did not. I did though have several other brands that I was looking forward to trying. The shock came when I checked the expiration date!!!! Some were 3 years old. Even though they were mostly unopened and sealed, they were past their prime for efficacy.  And considering that most were facial products, I wanted to be extra careful.

After I replenished my tray with my new daily regimen, I decided to take stock of all my skincare and makeup products. I wanted  to make sure I was keeping only what I was using, what was current, and what was clean.

I threw out almost a grocery bag full of outdated, some not used, some almost empty items! I couldn’t believe it. How could I have kept them all? I realize that my lifestyle has changed since living at the beach and I am much more casual and natural in my grooming. I like that I do not have to wear makeup everyday. However my skincare ritual is daily and I never go to bed without taking off makeup when applied. 

I feel so much better after clearing out the old and only keeping what is current, fresh and fits my lifestyle. I encourage you to take a look at your drawers, your closets, your cabinets. Check expiration dates. Are the items on trend or out of style? Ask yourself if you are using the items. Or are you just holding onto them for sentimental reasons or thinking that maybe one day you will use them?  They may be expired or outdated by that time. Do a refresh! Do a purge! Not only will you feel better, you may even find some hidden gems! Or you may clear out so much that you will have to go shopping!

Either way, make the time and have fun! Your skin will thank you for it.

With Light and Love,





4 Comments on “Toss it or Keep it?

  1. Hi Karen! Wow! It’s been so long. Great to see your smiling face!

    I too have accumulated so many beauty products over the years. The colors were just so pretty and I didn’t want to give them away. This last move to Macau changed my perspective. I was determined to downsize as much as possible and was able to give away 15 gift bags of beauty goodies to friends before I left Guam. It felt good to share! Take care my friend.

    • I used to also donate gift baskets for charity events over the years. Always a hit. How are you? Been monitoring the virus impact – WOW! Stay safe! Just met with Preston the other day- he looks good! And happy for Mark Sullivan opening the new Bloomingdales in San Jose area.

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