Love What You Do

On loving what you do:
“I call it the hum. I get this hum in my head where I feel like I could write forever. Like a frequency where you go from exertion to exaltation. There’s just an endless joy for me. Where I feel like I could write for the rest of my life… It’s really lovely, a real, true happiness.”
—Shonda Rhimes 

Do you hear your hum? Are you doing what you love?
We are now midway through the 2nd month of 2020. Goals have been outlined, Vision Boards have been created, Resolutions have been started and some have already been stopped. Where are you on your path to maximizing your potential and doing what you love?

Are you stating your affirmations each and every day – perhaps first thing in the morning, midday, or before you drift off to sleep at night? Are you visualing what you wish to actualize by reflecting on your Vision Board or other medium? Or do you need to make adjustments and refocus? 

Some of my former colleagues over the past 2 weeks have been impacted by the restructuring and layoffs at Macys, Kohl’s and other retailers. They have had to definitely make adjustments to what their goals were for 2020 and do a reroute. Many are rattled, shaken, nervous and very upset with what happened. 9 years ago, I also left Macys. I knew that eventually my position would have to relocate to NY and I did not want to move back east.  Great memories of growing up there, however my life is in CA. Therefore I decided to retire and then embark on new adventures. I was nervous but very excited. Doors opened and opportunities arose that were beyond what I thought possible.  I found my hum again!  You will too.  I encourage you to take time to reflect on what you truly want to do and utilize all resources available to you.

Yes, it will take some time. However stay the course and do the work. As many have commented on Linkedin, there is a whole world out there with unlimited opportunities. And the training and experience you have will be invaluable in your next role.

Set your intention and develop the steps necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Keep the faith, stay focused, committed and motivated. Surround yourself with friends, happy places, inspiring words and nourishing activities. Stay positive and optimistic. And remember to take time for your self care – exercise, eat right, rest, reflect and renew. 

Here’s to finding your hum and Loving what you do!

With Love and Light,


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