Imagine This…

It all starts with imagining. Years ago while we lived in SF, my husband created a 4×6 card for me.  He wanted it to remind me daily of our desire to live at the beach. The card’s “Imagine This” graphic was from a training seminar I put on years ago. The bluff image was taken off the internet. Every day for 2 years while in SF, I reflected on the image and imagined our life by water, waves, sand and cliffs. I could see it, smell it, taste it, feel it. We both knew it would come to fruition, however exactly where or when was still a work in progress. The Universe knew though! We just had to keep believing and imagining.

Then almost 7 years ago, we found our house and moved to Monarch Beach.  Even though it took 9 months and almost appeared as if it would not happen, It did. Thanks to our great realtor who would take videos of properties and send them to us to review and would be available anytime to go see something that I found on line. We all know how pictures on the internet may not show everything and can distort the truth. She was incredible!

I think I knew every house in the 3 mile radius that we focused on. And based on our great working relationship and how she zeroed in and knew exactly what we wanted,  we were able to jump on a property that popped up unexpectedly. We closed the deal within days on what is now our beach home. It was meant to be! We made an offer without seeing the house in person! Only videos from our realtor. At first the owner was skeptical, however Cathleen convinced him and vouched for us. 

Now back to the picture! As I run along the beach daily, my course takes me right by the bluff you see. One day, I came home from my run and picked up the card that I still had from my husband. I gasped! The picture on the card was our bluff.  The beach is our beach. However the picture that my husband had used was taken from the internet. Since the resolution was not sufficient enough to post here, I replaced it with a photo I took a few years ago after moving here. Trust me though, it is almost the exact same. Except for the houses now along the Strand that were not in the old photo. 

Here we are! Living at the beach and Loving every moment. I strongly believe that visualizing and reflecting on the card daily, moved us to where we are today.

So be careful and mindful of what you focus on, what you think, say, feel and do. It creates your world.

Here is to your imagining……………….

With Light and Love and Gratitude,


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  1. Words have not been created Sweetheart to express how wise and wonderful you are. Think for a moment that I visualized you and my process came to fruition 38 years, 2 months, and 7 days ago. And you visualized us here, in our wonderful beach community home, What’s next? With your incredible imagination, I know it’s going to be great.

    Growing Respect and Love for you Sweetheart.

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