Live Life to the Fullest

Seize the day! Go for it! Just do it!
This is your Life! You get to choose how to live it.

This past week has been filled with many emotions – joy, happiness, sadness, grief, excitement, frustration, anxiety, and many more. There was the Grammy’s celebration, the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, the news of Kobe Bryant, daughter and friends killed in a helicopter crash, the impeachment, earthquakes, the Super Bowl hype and more.  We all have experienced the roller coaster week in our own way, and in different ways. It was unsettling and caused many of us, including me, to not feel 100%. One message I kept hearing repeatedly is to Love! Love yourself, Love one another, tell someone you Love them. Be kind and have compassion. For one never knows what someone else is going through and what tomorrow holds.

Appreciate your life. Be grateful for it. Do not take things for granted.
This is a good time to reflect and recommit to truly living your best life. And considering it is now the 2nd month of 2020, review your vision board, your goals, your resolutions and your desires. Make modifications if you need to. That’s okay. We sometimes overcommit and then have to adjust.  I see that a lot with people’s resolutions to daily run or walk along the beach. In the beginning of January, there is usually more people on the trails and sand. Then after 4 weeks, the “regulars” are still out there, but the “newbies” start to dwindle in number. Remember, it usually takes at least 3 weeks to form a new habit. Stay the course.

Another realization for me was to amp up my focus on finding the good, the uplifting story, the inspirational quote. I am deliberate in what I will listen to or read. For what we focus on, becomes our reality. Be aware of what is happening, do what you can, but do not let negative outside circumstances run your life. Keep letting in the sunshine. It may be behind the clouds or fog bank, but it is there!

Here’s to your Fullest Expression of Life!
With Light and Love,

4 Comments on “Live Life to the Fullest

  1. We sure are blasted out of winter blues. You started with “seize the day.” I’m adding “keep the moment.”
    I believe that’s the name of my next book. Thank you for that February post.

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