Celebrating Life

This past week I have experienced both deep sadness and great joy. On Monday, I heard news of my sister in law’s passing and then on Tuesday I celebrated my husband’s 79th birthday. Yes, the cycles of life are inevitable – we are born, we live, our physical bodies then grow old and die, however our spirit remains forever.  Not everyone may believe as I do, and I accept that. I flash back to my youth when my grandmother passed away and I was reading a book on reincarnation.  It made sense. I gave it to my mother to help her in her grief, and she playfully threw the paperback book back to me. It was beyond her comprehension at that time. But it rang true for me.

We all experience Life differently. When faced with cancer 15 years ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would get to the other side. Every day I am grateful and thankful that I get to be here and live Life.

My Love and prayers go out to my brother, his children and grandchildren, other family members and friends. Losing a loved one is not easy. However when one is suffering and not truly living, transitioning can finally bring peace and healing for all. There will be grief, sadness, anger, resentment, loneliness. However there will also be forever the memories and special moments.  People have been posting quotes, pictures and sharing their love.  It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.

And then to celebrate my husband’s birthday was truly special. So how did we celebrate? We did what we Love to do. We ran for 79 minutes along the beach! We spent the day together – walking, talking, appreciating Life and Love outdoors in nature. Having good health and feeling at peace are the foundation to our Life. We want to continue to share Life together, travel and have fun, being grateful and appreciative for the gift. 

So here’s to my sister in law Judi and my husband Charles. May you both continue to radiate and shine brightly. I celebrate YOU!

With Light and Love and Grateful for Life,


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