Stay the Course

We are almost 2 weeks into the New Year, and everywhere I look, I see and read about firming up one’s New Years’ resolutions, committing to achieving one’s goals and desires, and taking responsibility to live one’s Best Self. I love it!  Take a wellness cruise, attend a yoga retreat, plan an active vacation of hiking and biking. There is encouragement all around – motivational quotes, podcasts, books, seminars, classes and groups actively engaging in bettering themselves. Fitness and nutrition become 2 of the main focuses, and rightly so. Even with the emphasis on a plant based diet and the importance of exercise, too many people are sick, whether physically, mentally or spiritually. Not eveyone has realized the importance of being and staying healthy. Or perhaps they do not know how to begin. I firmly believe that good health is the foundation for an enriched and joyfilled life. 

I want to live to 105! However only if I can continue to be healthy, strong, flexible, active and involved. I want to continue to run along the beach (or maybe later on walk instead!). I want to remain curious, try new things, travel and spend time together with my husband. I want to continue to eat right, exercise and live in a peaceful, calming, and nurturing environment. Yes, there is chaos, disruption, and tragedies happening. Life is not a perfect linear event. There are highs and lows, peaks and valleys, successes and failures. It is how we deal with them that is key. I try to always come from a place of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation. Not always easy to do, however It is a core belief and guiding principal for me.

How do you want to live? What desires do you want fulfilled? Are you happy with the way things are? Remember, you have a choice! You get to decide what is right for you. 

So if you are one of the millions that have recommitted to being the Best you can be this year, you will need to Stay the Course.  Even when you are tempted to not follow your intentions, breathe a few deep breaths, reread your goals or look at your Vision Board. Let it all in. Feel empowered and enlivened to continue what you know is best for you.

With Light and Love and Commitment to Stay the Course!

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