Creating my 2020 Vision Board


Even though we are a few days into the New Year, I am still fine tuning my 2020 goals and objectives. I am sure I am not the only one! It takes time to reflect on what has happened last year, identify what is still relevant, and more importantly, include additional, meaningful new goals for this year.

In the past, I have listed 3-5 items in 3 categories to focus on. The categories have been for my personal life, my consulting business, and my writing. Aside from images of my logos, the one pager was just words. This year I have decided to create a Vision Board of pictures that reflect my objectives, my desires, my dreams and intentions instead of the lists.

I want to see the images instead of just the words. It suits me as I am a very visual person.  It matters a great deal to me what my environment looks like, feels like and how it enhances my life. I want to surround myself with a peaceful and calming space in our home, our gardens, our community. I purposely choose my trails when running to always get to the beach so I can run along the waters edge, hear the waves crash and be in nature. When driving, I will take the scenic route even if longer versus being in freeway traffic. 

I post my goals in places that I would see them every day, several times a day. One goes in my closet and one is posted in our reading room/den/writing and creative space. I usually take time to read through aloud each of the items listed by category.  Daily reciting of them is key, however I have not always been as consistent as I would like. (I am making note of that for this year!)  I do find that speaking them aloud impacts me more. I feel them more and it empowers me. As I am still creating my Vision Board, I will probably put a brief description for each of the images so I can continue to say them to myself aloud.

I would love to hear how you are defining and creating your 2020 Goals and in what format it will be. Perhaps a Vision Board, video, song, list or other creative way. You get to decide what it will look like. The important thing is to do it! Solidify your thoughts and create your perfect version of 2020.

Here’s to a fabulous year.
With Light and Love!



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