Sharing your Happy Place with Others

After reading last week’s post about Finding your Happy Place, my husband reminded me that sharing your Place with others is a very special experience. Maybe they have the same feeling about your Place or maybe they don’t. However by sharing it with them, they can see, feel, taste, and hear why it is your Happy Place.  Then, they get to identify one for themselves or share theirs with you!  For my husband and I, we share the same Happy Place! It is wonderful to experience it together all the time! 

By sharing your Place, you extend to others the peace, calm, and joy that you feel everytime you are in or even just think about your Happy Place. It stays with you. It can help center you. You can always reflect back on the last time you were there and look forward to the next time you go. Sharing the joy bestows a good feeling to others which is so needed today and at this time of year. Holidays can create stress, anxiety, pressure to do it all, buy it all, and outdo others.  Take a pause and go to your Happy Place. Savor the time you spend there. Invite others to share it with you. You will be creating a memorable experience for your self and others that is beyond any store bought gift. Share your Love and Light. Add a sparkle to someone’s day.

One caution – You cannot force someone to experience your Happy Place if they do not want to. Maybe they are in a state of sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy, hurt, or frustration. Maybe they do not know about the benefit of experiencing a Happy Place. They may not even know what that is or understand it. Their energy is not conducive to enjoying and getting the benefit of your Happy Place. All you can do is make the offer. They need to decide if they want to participate and share in the joy.. And you will know whether to make the offer or not. We are all sensitive to the energy of others. We may not totally understand it, however at some level we gravitate towards those in our energy field. What you give out, does come back to you. So radiate Love, Peace, Harmony and Joy. Be Grateful and Thankful. Appreciate. Not just at this time of year, but every day, always. 

With Light and Love and Joy in Sharing your Happy Place!


4 Comments on “Sharing your Happy Place with Others

  1. Allow everyone to express themselves fully without repercussions of any type!

    • Thanks Henry. Everyone can just be themselves. Respect and appreciate differences and learn from each other. Hugs to you and Beverly.

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