Finding your Happy Place

My happy place is at the beach.  I love being able to run along the waters edge, dodging the waves so I don’t get my shoes wet! I love watching the ebb and flow of the tides.  I love the sound of the waves crashing, and I love seeing the seagulls, the adorable snowy plovers scurrying around, the pelicans, the dolphins, the whales and so much more.  I love seeing how happy people and children are when they are at the beach. As long as it isn’t too crowded! And I love that I can enjoy my Happy Place every day.  I can within a few blocks, get on the trail that takes me to the beach and back.  That was a condition when we bought our house. In fact, great running trails close by have always been a determining factor with all our homes. Walk out the door and go!

I have always loved beaches.  I grew up on the East coast and would go by myself especially on cold winter days and just walk and walk. And now, living on the West coast, I get to enjoy the beach all year long.  I am grateful.  It truly is my happy place. I love sunny crisp days, and even rainy, cold foggy ones.  As long as I do not get too wet and can run in comfort. Just remember to dress appropriately for it.

Happy Places are so important to have as your sanctuary to go to when needed. Even if you go there only in your mind, you can still feel it, see it, smell it, and have the benefit of really being there.

Happy Places are good to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, sadness and so many other feelings that can get you down. Always remember that you can find relief by going to your Happy Place. Maybe you have multiple Happy Places.

In the Daily Positive, Bernadette Logue writes that “There is a “Happy Place” for each of us. It is the place we can go, no matter what is happening in our lives, and we find peace there. It’s a reliable safe haven for happiness, the place that allows us to breathe a deep sigh of relief when we arrive and much like comfort food, it warms us from the inside out. Remember – everything in this world, tangible and intangible, is energy.  Every place, space and experience has its own energy. Your happy place gives you that sense of peace because of its energy, and how the energy of that place/situation aligns to your own unique nature and energy signature.

It is true that we can find our inner peace wherever we are, by going within, meditating, being still and present. We can be at peace in the most chaotic of places.  We can create our happy place within our minds and go there in a split second and experience very real physical and emotional benefits by doing so. And yet, that still doesn’t take away from the fact that at certain times it is incredibly refreshing and a gift to yourself to physically go to your happy place and to let yourself be there just because you can.”

So, what is or where is your Happy Place?

With Light and Love and Finding Peace in Your Happy Place,



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