Uncovering Roadblocks to Progress


Lessons are everywhere!
Yesterday, I went to trade in my iPad for a newer version. Since I had not backed up to the iCloud in quite some time, I was advised to do so and then go back and complete the transaction. That way, the data transfer would be easy and take less time.

Sounded simple…….until I got home to actually do the backup. I spent hours trying to figure out why the backup feature was greyed out and not working.  I was up past midnight trying all the steps that could resolve the issue to no success.  Then this morning, I called Apple support and spent another hour with 2 techs and a supervisor to fix the issue. I had been able to backup via iTunes to my computer, however wanted to backup to iCloud to enable a smooth transfer of info during my trade in.  Finally Success! The issue had been 2 profiles on my account that were preventing the backup to iCloud.  I did not even know they were there. They dated back to when I set up a work email through my former employer more than 6 years ago. Once I deleted the profiles, and restarted my iPad, the backup process worked. 

What other things are there under the surface that we are not aware of that could potentially do us harm? What physical or mental roadblock causes us to make a detour or completely turn around? I realized that I needed to check myself on why I do certain things, think certain thoughts, and behave in certain ways.  Was it because I wanted to or was it a condition that was run by something from my past?  What habits, patterns, thoughts, feelings, and routines are from previous conditionings that prevent us from moving forward and that no longer serve our best interests? 

Identifying those conditions is not a one time procedure.  For me, I need to routinely look at them and make sure they are still relevant and worthy of my attention.

Just like cleaning out a closet – of which I have on my list of To Do’s. We change, our cirumstances change, our lives change. With that comes reassessment of values, ethics, priorities, wants, needs and desires. 

Take the time to uncover the roadblocks that could prevent your progress and your fullest enjoyment of life. I truly believe that things happen for a reason. Lessons are all around us if we let them in.

With Light and Love and Clearing out what is no longer needed,  

6 Comments on “Uncovering Roadblocks to Progress

  1. Wow, powerful my friend! Perfect for end of the year reflection and clearer thinking in the new year. xoxo

  2. Did I read this correctly? Lady K called Apple support. Again no problem. The lesson here is we’re not alone. Sometimes you have to reach out. Well I’m proud of you. MS

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