Being Thankful – not just on Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Being Thankful though, is not just a one day celebration. Although showing appreciation and gratitude on Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition, the feeling of being thankful can happen every day. True, the holiday does bring family and friends together to share in the bounty of food, fun, and festivity.  However for many, it signifies the start of the buying frenzy.  For others, it creates feelings of loneliness, sadness, and hardship.  So many different stories.  So many different experiences. 

Since 2015, REI, the outdoor coop that offers top-quality gear, apparel, expert advice, and rental equipment chooses to close all their stores on Black Friday. They give all their employees a day off to #OptOutside with family and friends on the busiest retail day of the year. They believe in putting purpose before profits. They encourage their employees and all of us to get outside, get active, take actions to reduce their impact on the environment, and leave the world better than they found it.

I love that!  Having been a retailer for almost my entire career, I know how important this time of year is.  I also know the stress it can create.  The shoulds take over. The guilt comes into play.  The desire to out do others is at an all time high. The pace, the commitments, the spending, the parties, the not enough time feelings cause burnout, fatigue, illness and frustration.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Remember, you get to choose.  You get to set your boundaries.  You decide what is important to you, what you want to commit to doing.  

So let’s kick off this season by continuing to feel thankful and appreciative. However let’s do it everyday.  Step back from the frenzy and enjoy the moments of silence. Take a walk and enjoy nature whether it is cold and snowy, rainy, or sunny and warm.  Whether you are at the mountains, in the city, country, or by the ocean, enjoy being one with the world.  Volunteer, help others, donate items for the needy, smile and say hello to those you see.  Make a difference. Be grateful. Life is truly a gift. 

I continue to give thanks each and every day for being alive, being healthy, being happy, being at peace with where I am at this stage of my life.  Sure I have moments of doubt, however I have learned to challenge those thoughts and quickly override them with an affirmative and more positive statement. And to reconfirm how blessed I am. How thankful I am. How appreciative I am for this, My Life! I never want to take it for granted. You may want to consider starting each day, or during the day, or at night to end the day, acknowledging what you are thankful for. What you are grateful for. For in each moment of our lives, there is something that is worthy of giving our thanks.

With Light and Love and Thankfulness every day,


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